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October, 2013

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Ph.D. in Geography and Geology (held jointly), Univ.Wisconsin, Madison, 1988. Dissertation: "Historical transport and storage of hydraulic mining sediment in the Bear River, California."
M.S. in Geography, Univ. Wisconsin, Madison, 1983. Thesis: "Post-flood channel adjustments in the upper Kickapoo River, Southwest Wisconsin."
M.S. in Water Resources Management, Univ. Wisconsin, Madison, 1981.
B.A.  in Geography, Univ. California, Berkeley, 1978.


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    • _____, 1992. Drainage basin and channel network exercise. American Water Resources Assoc., 28th Ann. Conf. and Symp., Reno, NV. Poster; presented in absentia.


    • American Geographical Society, 1990 to present
    • American Geophysical Union, *L 1989 to present
    • American Quaternary Association, 1983 to present
    • American Water Resources Association, 1993 to 1910
    • Association of American Geographers, *L 1978 to present
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      • Water Resources Spec. Group, 1985 to present
      • Mountain Spec. Group, 1999 to present
      • GIS Specialty Group, 1991 to 1999
    • British Geomorphological Research Group, 2003 to present
    • Geological Society of America, 1983 to present
      • Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division, 1983 to present
      • Engineering Geology Division, 1990 to present
      • Geology and Society, 2003 to present
    • International Association of Geomorphologists, 1989 to present
    • International Association Hydrological Sciences, 1993 to present
    • South Carolina Geographic Alliance, 1991 to present
    • Southeastern Division A.A.G., 1988 to present
    • Union of Concerned Scientists, 1990 to present
    • American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing, 1990-1995
    *L: lifetime member


    Editorial Boards of Refereed Professional Journals:

    • Geomorphology - 2004 to present
    • Southeastern Geographer - 2003 to present
    • Royale Geographic Society (with Inst. British Geographers), Advancing Geography and Geographical Learning, book series, editorial board – 2008 to present.

    • Professional Geographer - 1998 to 2000. 

      Professional Societies:

    Association American Geographers (AAG):

    • Committee on the Status of Women in Geography, 2010 to present. 

    • Elected AAG National Councilor, 2009 to present. 

    • Elected AAG Honors Committee, 2006 to 2008.

    • Past President, Water Resource Spec. Group, AAG, 2004 to 2005.

    • Chair (elected), Water Resource Specialty Group (AAG), 2002-04.
    • Co-Chair, Nystrom Awards Committee, AAG, Annual Mtg., NYC; 2001.
    • Secretary-Treasurer (elected), Water Resource Spec. Group (AAG), 2000-02.
    • Web Editor, Water Resource Spec. Group (AAG), 1999 to 2006.
    • Web Editor, Geomorphology Specialty Group (AAG), 1996 to 2006.
    • Board of Directors (elected), Water Resources Spec. Grp. (AAG), 1996-98.
    • Board of Advisors (elected), Geomorphology Spec. Grp. (AAG), 1996-present.
    • Chair (elected), Geomorphology Specialty Group, 1995-96.
    • Secretary/Treasurer (elected), Geomorphology Specialty Group, 1994-95.
    • Led 2½-day field trip to Sierra Nevada with Jerry Davis; AAG, April 1-3, 1994, S.F.
    • Organized; four fluvial geomorphology Spec. Sessions; AAG; 1993, Atlanta, GA.
    • Organized; four fluvial geomorphology Spec. Sessions (23 papers); AAG; 1992, San Diego.
    • Co-organized bus. mtg: Phoenix Group (young PhDs) w/Susan Hanson, AAG; 1991, Miami.
    • Organized panel and led discussion: Changing Role of Geography in Academe and Society; AAG nat. mtg.; 1990, Toronto.

    Geological Society of America (GSA)

    • Panelist (elected), Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology (QG&G) Division, GSA.  2005-2007.
    • Member International Geomorphology Conference Host Search Committee, ad hoc committee charged with locating a local committee to host 2009 conference in western USA; 2004 to 2005.  Joint with GSA and AAG.
    • Member Committee on Fluvial Geomorphology, ad hoc committee charged with producing policy statement for importance of university training in river restoration; 2003 to 2005.  Joint with GSA and AAG.

    Southeastern Division Assoc. American Geographers (SEDAAG)

    • Program Committee Co-Chair 2004
    • Program Committee Chair 2002 & 2003
    • Vice President (elected), 2002-2004.
    • Secretary-newsletter editor (elected), 1998-2000.
    • Honors Committee: 1998.
    • State representative (elected): 1996 to 1998.
    • State representative (elected): 1990 & 1991.
    American Water Resources Association:
    • Session Chair: Modeling Water Resources Systems. Ft. Lauderdale, 1996.
    University South Carolina

    Founding Director, BioGeomorphology Research Laboratory, 1989 to present.  

    M.S. Theses Advised:

    • Mary Megison, 2008. Using LiDAR and historic maps and air photos to reconstruct channel change; Feather River, CA.

    • John Wooten, 2008. A watershed approach to managing Rocky Branch Creek, Columbia, SC. (MEERM) program. Wooten received a MEERM outstanding graduate student in research award.

    • Duke Brantley,  2006.  M.S.  Alternative ecological assessments on the 303 (d) Listed Bush River Watershed.  (MEERM).

    • Cindy Kolomechuk, 2001. M.S. Gully erosion in Spartanburg County, Southern Piedmont, SC., June, '01.

    • Randall Wheeler, 2000. M.S. Masters in Earth & Environmental Mgt. (MEERM) program, Soil erosion and sediment yields in Mill Creek basin, Fort Jackson, South Carolina.
    • Alexander Shepherd, 1999. M.S. Accuracy of Interpolations for Geologic Mapping Made from 3-D Seismic Models Using a Geographic Information System.
    • Jamilla, Sonja, 1999. M.S. Spatial Variability of Steady State Soil Infiltration Rates: The Effect of Soil Type, Land Cover, and Topography.
    • Leigh Ann Morgan, 1998. M.S. Post-Flood Analysis of the Benefits of Floodplain Regulations in Beaufort County, North Carolina.
    • David Alexander, 1997. M.S. Channel Morphological Adjustment to Soil Erosion and Sedimentation at the Chicken-Strong Creek Confluence.
    • Rose Fletcher, 1996. M.S., Development and application of historical digital orthoimage mosaic for the Savannah River Site.
    • Martin Roberge, 1995. M.S. Topographic modeling of Lake Bonneville through the Late Pleistocene.
    • Pat Curley, 1994. M.S. Non-point source pollution risk assessment classification: Identifying critical erosion areas in small watersheds, South Carolina.
    • Andrew Cordova, 1991. M.S. Effectiveness of a Sediment and Erosion Control Ordinance: Richland County, South Carolina.

    Theses & Dissertation Committee Reader (selected):
    Ph.D.Laura Stroup (2008); Phillip Yates (Statistics, 2006); Preston Helms (2002, Civil & Environmental Engineering); Jeannie Eidson (2000; Env. Health Sciences); Jonathon Jonathon Byron (1999); Eric Dobson & Francois Smith (1998); Ron Marple (Geology, 1994); Cheryll Hallum (1993); Drew Decker (1991)
    M.S.: Bates Rambow (2008); Tammy Ryan (2007, MEERM); Kimberly Mierdas (2006); Douglas Mayes (2006); Joe Dickerson (2005); Kristi Suggs (2005, MEERM); Laura Stroup (2004); Shawn Lowe (2004, CEE); Tom Toland (2003); Mary Kosko (2002; Anthropology); Diane Zehrfuhs (2001, Geology); Melinda Young and Jaquline Luders (2000); Judith Berglund & Barret Stone (Dept. Env. Health Sci.) (1999); Jeniifer Curtis (Geology, Calif. State Univ., Humboldt) & Charmel Menzel (1998); Renee Greenwell (School of Environment) & James McCallion (1997); Katie Laddish (Geology, U. Calif., Davis; 1996); Rick Collins, Shan Burkhalter, Peter Bramante, & Michael Burdette (1994); Paul Holt & Chris Keithly (1991); David Wigle (1990).
    Non-thesis: Mat Sposato (1995), Francoise Smith (1994), Theresa Martin (1993




    • Field expedition to Sacramento Valley; led four students (1 undergrad, two MS, and a PhD) as part of NSF grant: Tracking hydraulic mining sediment... two to eight weeks. Drove to California, river rafting, sediment sampling, topographic surveying, and collection of ground-control points. Summer, 2007.

    • Tracking Hydraulic Mining Sediment, three-day excursion to Sierra foothills and Sacramento Valley from San Francisco, Assn. Amer. Geographers, National meeting. Sunday to Tuesday, March 15 - 17, 2007. Co-led with Michael Singer and Rolf Aalto.

    • Field expedition to Sacramento Valley; led five students as part of NSF grant: Tracking hydraulic mining sediment... six weeks. Drove to California, established apartment ‘field base’. Sediment sampling, topographic surveying, and some river rafting. Summer, 2006.

    • Glaciation in the Northwest Sierra Nevada, one-day excursion. International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA), Reno, Nevada. (July, 2003).

    • Field Camp in Rattlesnake Canyon, northern Sierra Nevada; led one M.S. student. 1999.

    • Field Camp in Rattlesnake Canyon, northern Sierra Nevada; led one student and two PhDs as part of NSF grant: Reconstructing spatial patterns of glacial erosion: A new approach using cosmogenic nuclides. two weeks, Summer, 1997.
    • Field Camp on Grouse Ridge, northern Sierra Nevada; led five students and post doc as part of NSF grant: Reconstructing spatial patterns of glacial erosion: A new approach using cosmogenic nuclides. two weeks, Summer, 1996.
    • Geology Field Camp on Six-Mile Meadow, northern Sierra Nevada; led 12 students and 2 teaching assistants; Glacial mapping and fluvial-environmental field techniques; Dept. Geology, Univ. Calif., Davis; two weeks, summer, 1996.
    • Northern Sierra Nevada, Calif., Ass. Am. Geogs. 1994 Nat. Mtgs. in S.F. 2½ days, Glaciation and Hydraulic Mining Sediment in the Bear and So. Yuba Rivers. Organized with Jerry Davis.
    • Oregon Coast. Geomorphology course Univ. Oregon. Unpub. road log. Summer 1987.
    • Baraboo Hills, Wisconsin. Repeated by request of regular professor. Spring, 1986.
    • Baraboo Hills, Wisconsin. Introductory physical geography Univ. Wisconsin, Rock Co. Unpub. road log. Spring 1985.
    • One- or Two-day field excursions with physical geography courses: 1978-present.