David Darmofal

           Associate Professor

                        Political Science

     University of South Carolina     

Are you an undergraduate student interested in gaining valuable research experience? Are you interested in being part of a research project that can provide skills and experience that can help make your application to law school or graduate school stand out from the competition?

I am always engaged in several research projects and am interested in incorporating undergraduate students as Research Assistants on these projects. Although I cannot pay you for your participation as a Research Assistant, I can provide you with valuable research skills and experience for your career and a possible positive letter of recommendation for positions in the future.

If you are interested in serving as a Research Assistant on a project, download this application (many thanks to Professor Frank Baumgartner for providing the template for this application). Send your completed application to darmofal@mailbox.sc.edu.


Contact Info:

Department of Political Science

University of South Carolina

350 Gambrell Hall

Columbia, SC 29208

Office: (803) 777-5440