Charles J. Finocchiaro

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science

::Recent Papers::

The Political Geography of Distributive Politics (with A. Clemens & M. Crespin)

From Wild Horses to Work Horses: Electoral System Reform and Legislative Entrepreneurship in the House of Representatives (with S. MacKenzie)

Congress and the President in Times of War (S. Schorpp)

Distributive Politics, the Electoral Connection, and the Antebellum U.S. Congress: The Case of Military Service Pensions (with J. Jenkins)

::Recent Publications::

Responsiveness and Electoral Accountability in the U.S. Senate (with B. Kassow) American Politics Research

Consensus, Conflict, and Partisanship in House Decision Making: A Bill-Level Examination of Committee and Floor Behavior (with J. Carson & D. Rohde) Congress & the Presidency

Elections and the Politics of Pork in the U.S. Senate (with M. Crespin) Social Science Quarterly

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::Fall 2014 Teaching::

POLI 701: Theories of Political Inquiry
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Charles J. Finocchiaro is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of South Carolina. His research and teaching interests cover the fields of American politics and research methodology, with a particular focus on American political institutions (especially the U.S. Congress) and congressional elections.

Professor Finocchiaro earned his Ph.D. from Michigan State University, where he was a Fellow in the Political Institutions and Public Choice Program.

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