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Association of American Geographers


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The mission of the Biogeography Specialty Group (BSG) is to promote interactions between biogeographers, stimulate active research and teaching development in biogeography, and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

BSG Officers & Information:

Newsletter and Officers:

  The Biogeographer: Official BSG Newsletter
Officers: Current and Past 

Winners of BSG Awards and Competitions:

     Henry Cowles Award (Excellence in  Publication)
     James J. Parsons Distinguished Career Award
     Student Research Grant Competition
     Student Paper Competition

BSG Business:

     Minutes from the 2013 BSG Business Meeting   Updated
     BSG Bylaws


Announcements for the 2014 AAG Meeting - Coming This Fall!!
The Tampa AAG meeting will sneak up fast, so check back periodically for announcements regarding sessions and awards.    
       2014 BSG Student Research Grant Competition
       2013 BSG Student Paper Award Competition (Closed for 2013; check back soon for the 2014 announcement)
       2012 AAG: List of BSG-sponsored Sessions  (Will be posted when it's available!!)


Professional Organizations:

     Association of American Geographers
     The International Biogeography Society
     International Association for Landscape Ecology


Educational Resources:

    Biogeography Course Webpages and Teaching Resources  
In progress
    Graduate Work in Biogeography   In progress


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