Amanda Licht, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

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I completed my PhD at the University of Iowa in July of 2010, majoring in International Relations and Political Methodology with a minor in Comparative politics. I am excited to be part of the faculty at the University of South Carolina.† My research generally fits in the field of International Relations and Domestic Politics.† In my dissertation I attempted to trace the impact of foreign policy tools on targeted leadersí ability to maintain office through to the ultimate† concessionary behavior (or lack thereof).† I am also interested in, and working on, topics in methodology, particularly the interpretation of advanced event history models.† To the left you will find links for† pages devoted to my research and teaching. My CV can be found on the research page, or right here.†

On the research page you will find descriptions of my published work, which has appeared in The Journal of Conflict Resolution and Political Analysis. Many of my current working papers are also available for download. If you find any of my working papers or supplementary materials helpful, please contact me prior to citing them.† I would love to hear about how our research interests intersect!†††

The teaching page describes the courses which I am currently offering, including International Relations and International Organization at the undergraduate level and International Cooperation for graduate students in the PhD, Masters in International Studies and Masters in International Business programs.†

312 Gambrell Hall

Department of Political Science

University of South Carolina

817 Henderson St.

Columbia, SC† 29208



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