Cries of Joy, Songs of Sorrow:
Chinese Pop Music and its Cultural Connotations.

Marc L. Moskowitz


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These are some of the songs featured in my book as well as some of my other favorites.



Westerners' Favorites

This is a good place to start if you are unfamiliar with Mandopop.

Cheung, Jacky: Songs from the Hong Kong musical Perhaps Love

Wang Lee-hom, Rain, and J-Lim (Lim Jeong Hee): Perfect Interaction

Wong, Faye (Wang Fei): Sky


Comparing Different Versions
of the Same Song

Facing the Spring Breeze (Chun Chun, David Tao, and a third version)

Olive Tree (Qi Yu and Stefanie Sun)




Other Songs

Chang, Cheng Yue (Zhang Zhenyue): 0204 I

 Chang, Cheng Yue (Zhang Zhenyue): Male Female Dog

Chang, Cheng Yue (Zhang Zhenyue): Think Too Much

Chan, Jackie (Cheng Long): How Can It Be?

Chen, Bobby (Chen Sheng): Happy Reunion

Chou, Jay (Zhou Jielun): Third Grade, Class Two

Chou, Jay (Zhou Jielun): Terraced Field

The East is Red.

Hsin, Winnie  (Xin Xiaoqi): Realization

Hsin, Winnie (Xin Xiaoqi): Scent

Hsu, Valen (Xu Ruyun): Their Story
From the Swedish group Standfast's Car Crashes (sung in English).

Jen, Richie  (Ren Xinqi): Heart too Soft

Jinmen Wang and Li Binghui: Travelling to Danshui

Lam, Sandy (Lin Yilian): Because of You I'm Blown By a Cold Wind



Lee, Jonathan (Li Zongshen): I Have Something to Say

Lee, Jonathan (Li Zongshen). Seventeen Year Old Girl’s Wenrou

Mok, Karen (Mo Wenwei) and Wu Bai & China Blue:
Excuse to be Strong

Lam, Sandy (Lin Yilian): Scars

Sun, Stefanie (Sun Yanzi): Black Sky

Sun, Stefanie (Sun Yanzi): I'm Not Sad

Sun, Stefanie (Sun Yanzi): Leave

Tao, David (Tao Zhe): Angel

Tao, David (Tao Zhi): Black Tangerine

Tao, David (Tao Zhi): My Anata

Jolin Tsai (Tsai Yiling): Amusement Park
From Jem's Song They

Wa Wa: Aimless Wanderer

Wang Lee-hom: Kiss Goodbye

Yang, Faith (Yang Naiwen): The Love I Gave

Yang, Faith (Yang Naiwen): Evidence

Wong, Faye (Wang Fei): Struggle to be Free
From The Cranberries' Song Dreams

Wong, Faye (Wang Fei): Cold War
In Mandarin and Cantonese
From Tori Amos' Song Silent All These Years

Yao Li: Rose, Rose, I Love You
Frankie Laine's Song Rose, Rose, I Love You from the Chinese song.


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