Current Research Projects


Donald R. Songer, Susan W. Johnson, C.L. Ostberg, and Matthew Wetstein. Making Law and Policy: The Ideological Roots of Decision Making in the Supreme Court of Canada. 

STATUS: (Completed book manuscript  - under Review -State University of New York Press)


Party Capability – A Ten Nation Analysis – Book project with Stacy Haynie, Neal Tate, and Reggie Sheehan.


The Attitudinal Model Revisited – Again: A Gravitic Alternative to Overly Simplistic Models of Appellate Court Decision Making  - Book project with Stefanie Lindquist


 “The Unanimous Decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada as a Test of the Attitudinal Model” - article length project.


 “Does the Attitudinal Model  Explain Unanimous Decisions  ?”- article length project.


 “Judge Gender and the Voting Behavior of Justices on North American Supreme Courts article length project.


 “Career Epectations, Likely Replacements, and Voluntary Retirements of US District Court Judges  - article length project.


 An Extension and Partial Critique of Epp’s Theory of a “Rights Revolution  article length project.