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Aikido as Self Defense

     The art of self-defense in Aikido is based on understanding the principles of nature and making them a part of oneself. The ideal of Aikido is not to defeat others, but rather to harmonize with them mentally, spiritually, and physically, thereby gaining control of the situation. To harmonize and become one with others, we must first learn to control ourselves. The ideal in Aikido is "Masa katsu agatsu" or "True victory through victory over oneself."


     By practicing Aikido techniques of self-defense, the Aikidoka comes to appreciate and understand the mental and spiritual aspects of the art. A well-executed Aikido technique is highly efficient, requiring very little effort. This means that Aikido can be an effective and safe art for all involved -- even the attacker. Aikido arts follow the principle of "katsujin-ken," the sword to let live, instead of "satsujin-ken," the sword to murder or destroy. When one attempts to execute a technique with the intention of injuring or destroying an opponent, the defender becomes the attacker and there is no resolution to the conflict. Instead, Aikido training advocates the peaceful resolution of conflict through harmonizing with the attacker’s energy.