Photos from
Man's Role in Changing the Face of the Earth Symposium
Princeton, 1956
Used with permission from the Wenner Gren Foundation
All rights reserved by the
Wenner Gren Foundation

Please help us to identify the individuals in these photographs.  A few at the end are known (Sauer, Gregg, Northrop, DeChartin, Coon), but most are not.  If you recognize any of these individuals, please let us know.  Refer to the photo number and give an indication of your confidence in the identification.  Please feel free to bring this to the attention of others who may know these individuals.  

While the photos may well include individuals who were not authors at the Symposium, and most authors are not included in the pohtos, it's likely that some of these photos are of the authors.  The following list is included, therefore, in hopes that this helps in the identification process.  *Astrisks indicate that a photo is included at end of photos.   If you have any photographs of these individuals, please send them to us.
  William L. Thomas, Jr.
E.A. Gutkind                               Carl O. Sauer*                Clarence J. Glacken                 Alexander Spoehr
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin*          Omer C. Stewart              Karl J. Narr                            Karl A. Wittfogel
Fritz M. Heichelheim                    H.C. Darby                     E. Estyn Evans                       Gottfried Pfeifer
Hermann von Wissmann               Soliman Huzayyin            E. K. Janaki Ammal               Pierre Gourou
James C. Malin                            Eugene Ayres                  Lewis Mumford*                    Richard J. Russell
Paul B. Sears                               Michael Graham              John H. Davis                         Lester E. Klimm
Harold E. Thomas                        C. W. Thornthwaite         H.E. Landsberg                      Vincent J. Schaefer
Arthur N. Strahler                         Luna B. Leopold             William A. Albrecht                 Edward H. Graham
H. H. Bartlett                               John T. Curtis                 Andrew H. Clark                     Edgar Anderson
F. Fraser Darling                          Marston Bates                 Abel Wolman                          A. Leslie Banks
J. A. Hislop                                  John C. Bugher               Donald H. McLaughlin             Edward L. Ullman
Chauncy D. Harris                       Artur Glikson                   Sir Charles G. Darwin*            Warren S. Thompson
Samuel H. Ordway, Jr.                 Charles A. Scarlott          Harrison Brown                        Albert E. Burke
F. S. C. Northrop*                              

Allan James ( and Andrew Marcus (

01 b01 - Lewis Mumford
 02 b02 03 b03
04 04 nametag b04 & nametag closeup.  The individual at left (and at center left below in b05) was identified as the late Kenneth Ewart Boulding, renowned author on economics, by Dudley Bonsal, Univ. Minnesota.  (Nov. 27, 2007).
05 b05
06 b06 07 b07
08 b08 sign b09
 10 b10a 10b b10b - b10a&b are of professor Hermann von Wissmann :    Identified by Dr. Hongshan Gao (Lanzhou Univ).
11a Alan Gregg Alan Gregg
Darwin Sir Charles Darwin Northrop Northrop
Sauer Carl Sauer
Coon (left) & deChartin (R) Coon (L) & DeChartin (R) deChartin deChartin

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