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Correlates of War

International Trade Data Set, 1870-2009 (v3.0)

I serve as co-host (with Omar Keshk) to the Correlates of War Trade Data set. The data set covers the period 1870-2009 and includes bilateral and national trade flows. You may download the data from the Correlates of War Website. http://www.correlatesofwar.org/

If you use the data in a paper, please cite the following references and give the version number.

Bibliography Entries:

Barbieri, Katherine and Omar Keshk. 2012. Correlates of War Project Trade Data Set Codebook, Version 3.0. Online: http://correlatesofwar.org.

Barbieri, Katherine, Omar M. G. Keshk, and Brian Pollins. 2009. “TRADING DATA: Evaluating our Assumptions and Coding Rules.” Conflict Management and Peace Science. 26(5): 471-491.

Barbieri Trade Data Sets

Citation For papers that utilize any of the trade data sets below, please cite the following book and see trade notes in Appendix:

Barbieri, Katherine. 2005. The Liberal Illusion: Does Trade Promote Peace? Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

Data fromThe Liberal Illusion STATA and text files

The following Zip file contains trade data files that differ from
Version 1 of Barbieri's International Trade dataset, because the
trade flows contained here are disaggregated into import and export flows.
Files for national and dyadic trade figures are included here.

Directional Trade Data

The following zip file contains national and dyadic international trade statistics
for the period 1870-1992. It also includes a file containing GDP figures for the
period 1948-1992. These data are reported in current US dollars (millions).
For further details about the trade data, see Barbieri (2002) cited above.

International Trade Dataset Version 1 & GDP Data

Data from Articles

Barbieri, Katherine and Richard Alan Peters. "Measure for Mis-Measure: A Response to Gartzke & Li" Journal of Peace Research 40(6), November 2003.

Zip File

Barbieri, Katherine and Jack Levy. (1999) "Sleeping with the Enemy:
The Impact of War on Trade." Journal of Peace Research, 36(4): 463-479.

Zip file