Data were collected at the University of South Carolina Laboratory for Sociological Research, 1989-1998 using ExNet, a computer program written by J. Skvoretz that implements experiments on networks of exchange relations using a local area network of workstations, managing subject-to-subject interaction and experimenter monitoring of interaction. Data collection was supported by the following grants:

  • National Science Foundation, Collaborative Research On: Fundamental Processes of Network Exchange. September 1996 - November 1997, SES 9515434.
  • National Science Foundation, Action in Social Structures: New Research on Social Exchange Networks. June 1993 - July 1994, SES 9223799.
  • National Science Foundation, Inclusion as a Basis for Power in Exchange Networks. June 1991 - July 1993, SES 9109528.
  • National Science Foundation, Acquisition of Instrumentation for an Advanced Experimental Network. June 1991 - July 1993, DBI 9016125.
  • National Science Foundation, Power, Exclusion and Network Exchange Dynamics September 1990 - October 1991, SES 9010888.

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Data collected at the Laboratory for Sociological Research, University of South Carolina under the direction of John Skvoretz and David Willer and supported by several grants from the National Science Foundation. Data hosting and download provided by the Mathematical Sociology Section data archive.

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