Data were collected by Matthew E. Brashears in 2010 using Knowledge Networks' Knowledge Panel service, via the Time-sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences program. These data include the "important matters" name generator, name interpreter data from a randomly-chosen discussant, topic of discussion data, and social support indicators.

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Data collected by Matthew E. Brashears in collaboration with the Time-sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences, NSF Grant 0818839, Jeremy Freese and Penny Visser, Principle Investigators. Data hosting and download provided by the Mathematical Sociology Section data archive.

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  • Brashears, Matthew E. 2011. "Small networks and high isolation? A reexamination of American discussion networks." Social Networks, 2011: 331-341
  • Brashears, Matthew E. 2014. "'Trivial' Topics and Rich Ties: The Relationship Between Discussion Topic, Alter Role, and Resource Availability Using the 'Important Matters' Name Generator." Sociological Science, 1: 493-511. DOI:10.15195/v1.a27.

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