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Volume 1, Number 1 - Winter 1966
   Minutes of the first MLA Conference of early American literature scholars
   Notes & Queries
   Work in Progress
   Dissertations in Progress
   Advisory Board Notes
   J.A. Leo Lemay - “Seventeenth Century American Poetry: A Bibliography of the Scholarship, 1943 to 1966”

Volume 1, Number 2 - Summer 1966
   A Note from the Editor’s Desk
   Work in Progress
   News & Notes
   Dissertations in Progress
   Sacvan Bercovitch - “Hilda’s ‘Seven-Branched Allegory’: An Echo from Cotton Mather in The Marble Faun
   Jack B. Moore - “Black Humor in an Early American Short Story”
   New Members

Volume 1, Number 3 - Winter 1966-67
   A Note from the Editor’s Desk
   Harrison T. Meserole - “‘Come dry-Brained Marble eyed Porticks:’ James Allen and Francis Quarles, 1679”
   William J. Free - “A Lost American Critical Document”
   Ann Stanford - “Ane Bradstreet’s Portrait of Sir Philip Sidney”
   J.A. Leo Lemay - “Additions to ‘Seventeenth-Century American Poetry: A Bibliography of the Scholarship, 1943 to 1966’”

Volume 2, Number 1 - Spring 1967
   J. Philip Goldberg - “Some Conjecture upon John Shippen’s ‘Observations on Novel-Reading’”
   Alyce E. Sands - “Establishing John Saffin’s Birthdate: A Biographical and Historical Problem”
   Everett H. Emerson - “Captain John Smith, Autobiographer”

Volume 2, Number 2 - Fall 1967
   Thomas E. Johnston - “A Translation of Cotton Mather’s Spanish Works: La Fe del Christiano and La Religion Pura
   R. Reed Sanderlin - “A Variant Version of ‘The Child of Snow’”

Volume 2, Number 3 - Winter 1967
   William K. Bottorff and Roy C. Flannagan, Eds. - “The Diary of Frances Baylor Hill of ‘Hillsborough’ King and Queen County Virginia”

Volume 3, Number 1 - Spring 1968
   Norman S. Grabo - “John Cotton’s Aesthetics: A Sketch”
   William K. Bottorff - “Edward Taylor, An Explication: ‘Another Meditation at the Same Time’”
   Robert A. Rees - “Seeds of the Enlightenment: Public Testimony in the New England Congregational Churches, 1630-1750”
   Thomas E. Johnston, Jr. - “John Wise: Early American Political Thinker”

Volume 3, Number 2 - Fall 1968
   Brom Weber - “A Puritan Poem Regenerated: John Saffin’s ‘Sayle Gentle Pinnace’”
   Announcement and Program of the Conference on Early American Literature, MLA meeting, NYC, Dec. 27-29, 1968
   Ursula Brumm - “The ‘Tree of Life’ in Edward Taylor’s Meditations”
   Donald Junkins - “‘Should Stars Wooe Lobster Claws?’: A Study of Edward Taylor’s Poetic Practice and Theory”
   Helen McMahon - “Anne Bradstreet, Jean Bertault, and Dr. Crooke”
   Thomas E. Johnston, Jr. - “A Note on the Voices of Anne Bradstreet, Edward Taylor, Roger Williams, and Philip Pain”
   Joseph M. Garrison, Jr. - “The ‘Worship-Mould’: A Note on Edward Taylor’s Preparatory Meditations

Volume 3, Number 3 - Winter 1968
   Alfred O. Aldridge - “Thomas Paine in Latin-America”
   Michael L. Black - “Bibliographical Problems in Washington Irving’s Early Works”
   Thomas A. Shafer - “Manuscript Problems in the Yale Edition of Jonathan Edwards”
   Kenneth Silverman - “Cotton Mather’s Foreign Correspondence”
   Thomas E. Johnston, Jr. - “Edward Taylor: An American Emblematist”
   Thomas Werge - “The Tree of Life in Edward Taylor’s Poetry: The Sources of a Puritan Image”
   Edward M. Griffin - “The Structure and Language of Taylor’s Meditation 2. 112”

Volume 4, Number 1 - Spring 1969
   William L. Hedges - “Towards a Theory of American Literature, 1765-1800”
   Mason I. Lowance, Jr. - “Typology and the New England Way: Cotton Mather and the Exegesis of Biblical Types”
   Robert D. Arner - “Edward Taylor’s Gaming Imagery: Meditation 1.40”

Volume 4, Number 2 - Fall 1969
   Kennerly M. Woody - “Cotton Mather’s Manuductio Ad Theologiam: The ‘More Quiet and Hopeful Way’”
   Edward H. Cohen - “The Elegies of Ebenezer Cooke”
   James A. Sappenfield - “The Bizarre Death of Daniel Rees and the Continuity of Franklin Criticism”
   Cecelia Tichi - “Thespis and the ‘Carnall Hipocrite’: A Puritan Motive for Aversion to Drama”

Volume 4, Number 3 - Winter 1969
   Karl Keller - “The Example of Edward Taylor”
   Thomas M. Davis - “Edward Taylor and the Traditions of Puritan Typology”
   Sargent Bush, Jr. - “Paradox, Puritanism, and Taylor’s God’s Determinations
   Donald Junkins - “Edward Taylor’s Creative Process”
   Kenneth R. Ball - “Rhetoric in Edward Taylor’s Preparatory Meditations
   James T. Callow - “Edward Taylor Obeys Saint Paul”
   Gerhard T. Alexis - “A Keen Nose for Taylor’s Syntax”
   Kathy Siebel and Thomas M. Davis - “Edward Taylor and the Cleansing of Aqua Vitae
   Charles W. Mignon - “A Principle of Order in Edward Taylor’s Preparatory Meditations

Volume 5, Number 1 - Spring 1970
   Thomas M. Davis - “The Exegetical Traditions of Puritan Typology”
   Stephen Manning - “Typology and the Literary Critic”
   Richard Reinitz - “The Typological Argument for Religious Toleration: The Separatist Tradition and Roger Williams”
   Robert Reiter - “Poetry and Typology: Edward Taylor’s Preparatory Meditations, Second Series, Numbers 1-30”
   Karl Keller - “‘The World Slickt Up in Types’: Edward Taylor as a Version of Emerson”
   Mason I. Lowance, Jr. - “Images of Shadows of Divine Things: The Typology of Jonathan Edwards”
   Sacvan Bercovitch - “Selective Check-List on Typology”

Volume 5, Number 2 - Fall 1970
   Minor W. Major - “William Bradford Versus Thomas Morton”
   William L. Andrews - “Goldsmith and Freneau in ‘The American Village’”
   William D. Andrews - “The Printed Funeral Sermons of Cotton Mather”
   William J. Scheick - “A Viper’s Nest, The Featherbed of Faith: Edward Taylor on the Will”
   Kent Bales, William J. Aull - “Touching Taylor Overly: A Note on ‘Meditation Six’”

Volume 5, Number 3 - Winter 1970
   Robert D. Arner - “The Simple Cobler of Aggawam: Nathaniel Ward and the Rhetoric of Satire”
   Thomas M. Davis - “Edward Taylor’s ‘Occasional Meditations’”
   Edward J. Gallagher - “An Overview of Edward Johnson’s Wonder-working Providence
   Leon Howard - “The Creative Imagination of a College Rebel: Jonathan Edwards’ Undergraduate Writings”
   Eugene L. Huddleston - “Matilda’s ‘On Reading the Poems of Phillis Wheatly, the African Poetess’”
   Frank C. Shuffelton - “Thomas Prince and His Edition of Thomas Hooker’s Poor Doubting Christian
   Julian Mates - “The Dramatic Anchor: Research Opportunities in the American Drama Before 1800”
   Dale Doepke - “A Suggestion for Reading Edward Taylor’s ‘The Preface’”

Volume 6, Number 1 - Spring 1971
   Philip L. Barbour - “The Honorable George Percy: Premier Chronicler of the First Viriginia Voyage”
   Carl R. Dolmetsch - “William Byrd II: Comic Dramatist?”
   Robert A. Bain - “The Composition and Publication of The Present State of Virginia, and the College
   Richard Walser - “Alexander Martin, Poet”
   Julian Mason - “William Vans Murray: The Fancy of a Poet”
   Maurice Duke - “John Taylor of Caroline, 1753-1824: Notes Toward a Bibliography”
   William H. Gilman - Review Essay: “How Should Journals Be Edited?”
   Donald E. Stanford - “Two Notes on Edward Taylor”
   Francis Murphy - “A Letter on Edward Taylor’s Bible”

Volume 6, Number 2 - Fall 1971
   J.A. Leo Lemay - “Rober Bolling and the Bailment of Colonel Chiswell”
   Cecelia Tichi - “The Puritan Historians and their New Jerusalem”
   Robert D. Arner - “Mythology and the May pole of Merrymount: Notes on Thomas Morton’s ‘Rise Oedipus’”
   Leo M. Kaiser - “On the Latin in the Meserole Anthology”
   Carl F. Strauch - Review Essay: “Typology and the American Renaissance”
   Madeline Pecora - “The Date of ‘The Plain Case Stated’”
   Everett Emerson - “Thomas Hooker Materials at the Connecticut Historical Society”

Volume 6, Number 3 - Winter 1971-72
   Kenneth B. Murdock - “Clio in the Wilderness: History and Biography in Puritan New England”
   Christopher Jedrey - “A Bibliography of the Writings of Kenneth Ballard Murdock”
   Campbell Tatham - “Benjamin Franklin, Cotton Mather, and The Outward State”
   Irving N. Rothman - “Two Juvenalian Satires by John Quincy Adams”
   Charles E. Modlin - “Aristocracy in the Early Republic”
   Martin E. Itzkowitz - “Freneau’s ‘Indian Burying Ground’ and Keats’ ‘Grecian Urn’”
   Amberys R. Whittle - “Modern Chivalry: The Frontier as Crucible”
   Thomas and Virginia Davis - “Edward Taylor’s Library: Another Note”
   G. Thomas Tanselle - Review Essay: “Two Editions of Eighteenth-Century Fiction”

Volume 7, Number 1 - Spring 1972
   J.H. Dorenkamp - “The Bay Psalm Book and the Ainsworth Psalter”
   Roger B. Stein - “Seascape and the American Imagination: The Puritan Seventeenth Century”
   Thomas M. Davis - “Edward Taylor’s ‘Valedictory’ Poems”
   Mukhtar Ali Isani - “The Growth of Sewall’s Phaenomena Quaedam Apocalyptica
   Robert D. Arner - “The Smooth and Emblematic Song: Joel Barlow’s The Hasty Pudding
   J.A. Leo Lemay - “A Note on the Canon of Alexander Martin”

Volume 7, Number 2 - Fall 1972
   Richard E. Amacher - “A New Franklin Satire?”
   John F. Collins - “Two Last Poems of Freneau”
   Mukhtar Ali Isani - “Edward Taylor and the ‘Turks’”
   Berta Grattan Lee - “William Bartram: Naturalist or ‘Poet’?”
   Robert D. Arner - “The Short, Happy Life of the Virginia ‘Monitor’”
   John J. Teunissen - “Blockheadism and the Propaganda Plays of the American Revolution”
   David Lyttle - “Jonathan Edwards on Personal Identity”
   Annette Kolodny - “Imagery in the Sermons of Jonathan Edwards”
   M.E. Grenander - “Benjamin Franklin’s String Quartet”
   Lewis P. Simpson - Review Essay: “William Byrd and the South”

Volume 7, Number 3 - Winter 1973
   Karl Keller and David Wilson - Introduction: “Strategies for Americanists”
   Pershing Vartanian - “Cotton Mather and the Puritan Transition into the Enlightenment”
   Joan Hoff Wilson - “Dancing Dogs of the Colonial Period: Women Scientists”
   Vern L. Bullough - “An Early American Sex Manual, or, Aristotle Who?”
   Jean-Pierre Martin - “Edwards’ Epistemology and the New Science”
   Lawrence Lan Sluder - “God in the Background: Edward Taylor as Naturalist”
   Robert M. Benton - “The John Winthrops and Developing Scientific Thought in New England”
   William D. Andrews - “The Literature of the 1727 New England Earthquake”
   William L. Hedges - “Benjamin Rush, Charles Brockden Brown, and the American Plague Year”
   Lewis P. Simpson - “A Tribute to Theodore Hornberger”
   William D. Andrews - “The Writings of Theodore Hornberger”

Volume 8, Number 1 - Spring 1973
   Sargent Bush - “The Growth of Thomas Hooker’s The Poor Doubting Christian
   Ron Loewinsohn - “Jonathan Edwards’ Opticks: Images and Metaphors of Light in Some of his Major Works”
   William D. Andrews - “William Smith and the Rising Glory of America”
   Vincent Freimarck - “Timothy Dwight’s Brief Lives in Travels in New England and New York
   Donald E. Stanford - “Edward Taylor and the ‘Hermophrodite’ Poems of John Cleveland”
   Robert D. Arner - “Nehemiah Walter: Milton’s Earliest American Disciple?”
   J.A. Leo Lemay - Review Essay: “Recent Bibliographies in Early American Literature”

Volume 8, Number 2 - Fall 1973
   Leo M. Kaiser - “Three Hymns Attributed to George Moxon”
   Neil T. Eckstein - “The Pastoral and the Primitive in Benjamin Tompson’s ‘Address to Lord Bellamont’”
   Anne Hildebrand - “Anne Bradstreet’s Quaternions and ‘Contemplations’”
   Jeff Hammond and Thomas M. Davis - “Edward Taylor: A Note on Visual Imagery”
   Gordon E. Slethaug - “Edward Taylor’s Copy of Thomas Taylor’s Types: A New Taylor Document”
   David L. Parker - “Petrus Ramus and the Puritans: The ‘Logic’ of Preparationist Conversion Doctrine”
   Carl Nelson - “A Just Reading of Charles Brockden Brown’s Ormond
   Wendy Martin - “The Rogue and the Rational Man: Hugh Henry Brackenridge’s study of a Con Man in Modern Chivalry
   Joseph H. Harkey - “The Don Quixote of the Frontier: Brackenridge’s Modern Chivalry

Volume 8, Number 3 - Winter 1974
   Jay B. Hubbell - “Our Friend Lewis Leary”
   Sacvan Bercovitch - “‘Nehemias Americanus’: Cotton Mather and the Concept of the Representative American”
   Edwin Gittleman - “Jefferson’s ‘Slave Narrative’: The Declaration of Independence as a Literary Text”
   Kenneth Silverman - “Four New Letters by Phillis Wheatley”
   Jack Zipes - “Dunlap, Kotzebue, and the Shaping of American Theater: A Reevaluation from a Marxist Perspective”
   Joseph Slater - “The Case of Drake and Halleck”
   Roberta Rosenberg - “A Checklist of the Writings of Lewis Leary”
   Daniel Hoffman - “Freneau”

Volume 9, Number 1 - Spring 1974
   Kenneth A. Requa - “Anne Bradstreet’s Poetic Voices”
   Jane Donahue Eberwein - “The ‘Unrefined Ore’ of Anne Bradstreet’s Quaternions”
   James Bray - “John Fiske: Puritan Precursor of Edward Taylor”
   Betty Kushen - “Three Earlieast Published Lives of Benjamin Franklin, 1790-93: The Autobiography and its Continuations”
   Robert D. Arner - “Neoclassicism and Romanticism: A Reading of Freneau’s ‘The Wild Honey Suckle’”
   Carol A. Kyle - “That Poet Freneau: A Study of the Imagistic Success of The Pictures of Columbus
   Larry R. Dennis - “Legitimizing the Novel: Royall Tyler’s The Algerine Captive
   Jesse C. Jones - “A Note on the Number of Edward Taylor’s Preparatory Meditations
   G. Thomas Tanselle - Review Essay: “The Editing of Royall Tyler”

Volume 9, Number 2 - Fall 1974
   William L. Hedges - “Charles Brockden Brown and the Culture of Contradictions”
   Michael D. Bell - “‘The Double-Tongued Deceiver’; Sincerity and Duplicity in the Novels of Charles Brockden Brown”
   Paul Witherington - “Charles Brockden Brown: A Bibliographical Essay”
   S.W. Reid - “Brockden Brown in England: Notes on Henry Colburn’s 1822 Editions of His Novels”

Supplement to Issue 9.2, Fall 1974
   Jackson Campbell Boswell - “A Check List of Americana in a Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, & Ireland and of English Books Printed Abroad 1475-1640”

Volume 9, Number 3 - Winter 1975
   Stephen J. Stein - “An Apocalyptic Rationale for the American Revolution”
   Rose Marie Cutting - “America Discovers Its Literary Past: Early American Literature in Nineteenth-Century Anthologies”
   Patricia Jewell McAlexander - “The Creation of the American Eve: The Cultural Dialogue on the Nature and Role of Women in Late-Eighteenth-Century America”
   Robert B. Winans - “The Growth of a Novel-Reading Public in Late-Eighteenth-Century America”
   Marion Barber Stowell - “American Almanacs and Feuds”
   Leslie A. Wardenaar - “Humor in the Colonial Promotional Tract: Topics and Techniques”
   William J. Scheick - “Standing in the Gap: Urian Oakes’ elegy on Thomas Shepard”
   David Sowd - “Edward Taylor’s Answer to a ‘Popish Pamphlet’”
   Joel R. Kehler - “Physiology and Metaphor in Edward Taylor’s ‘Meditation. Can. 1.3’”
   Karl Keller - “A Modern Version of Edward Taylor”
   Julian Mason - “Madison’s August 1791 Letter Praising Freneau”

Volume 10, Number 1 - Spring 1975
   James E. Evans - “The English Lineage of Diedrich Knickerbocker”
   Cathy N. Davidson - “The Power of Sympathy Reconsidered: William Hill Brown as Literary Craftsman”
   William J. Irvin - “Allegory and Typology ‘Imbrace and Greet’: Anne Bradstreet’s ‘Contemplations’”
   Kenneth Alan Hovey - “The Theology of History in Of Plymouth Plantation and Its Predecessors”
   Mukhtar Ali Isani - “Edward Taylor and Ovid’s Art of Love: The Text of a Newly Discovered Manuscript”
   Edward J. Gallagher - “The Wonder-Working Providence as Spiritual Biography”
   Lynn Haims - “Of Indians and Irishmen: A Note on Brackenridge’s Use of Sources for Satire in Modern Chivalry

Volume 10, Number 2 - Fall 1975
   Richard Beale Davis - “A Tribute to Louis Booker Wright”
   David M. Larson - “Franklin on the Nature of Man and the Possibility of Virtue”
   John Gatta, Jr. - “The Comic Design of Gods Determinations Touching His Elect
   James W. Barbour - “The Prose Context of Edward Taylor’s Anti-Stoddard Meditations”
   Victor E. Gimmestad - “John Trumbull’s Original Epithalamion”
   Wilson H. Kimnach - “Jonathan Edwards’ Sermon Mill”
   Emily Stipes Watts - “The Neoplatonic Basis of Jonathan Edwards’ ‘True Virtue’”
   John Cleman - “Ambiguous Evil: A Study of Villains and Heroes in Charles Brockden Brown’s Major Novels”

Volume 10, Number 3 - Winter 1975/76
   John Griffith - “The Columbiad and Greenfield Hill: History, Poetry, and Ideology in the Late Eighteenth Century”
   Clifford L. Egan - “On the Fringe of the Napoleonic Catastrophe: Joel Barlow’s Letters from Central and Eastern Europe, 1812”
   Bruce Granger - “John Trumbull, Essayist”
   Jane Donahue Eberwein - “In a book, as in a glass: Literary Sorcery in Mather’s Life of Phips”
   Leo M. Kaiser - “On the Latin Verse in Cotton Mather’s Magnalia Christi Americana
   Robert W. Hobson - “Voices of Carwin and Other Mysteries in Charles Brockden Brown’s Wieland

Volume 11, Number 1 - Spring 1976
   Donald F. Connors - “The 1975 Fordham Conference”
   Lewis Leary - “Literature in New York, 1775”
   Thomas Philbrick - “Crèvecoeur as New Yorker”
   Irma B. Jaffe - “Contemporary Words and Pictures: Drawings (1782-1810) by John Trumbull”
   Robert D. Arner - “The Death of Major André: Some Eighteenth-Century Views”
   Andrew Myers - “The New York Years in Irving’s The Life of George Washington
   James Franklin Beard - “Cooper and the Revolutionary Mythos”

Volume 11, Number 2 - Fall 1976
   Kenneth Silverman - “The 1976 Williamsburg Conference”
   A.Owen Aldridge - “Paine and Dickinson”
   Richard Crawford - “Watts for Singing: Metrical Poetry in American Sacred Tunebooks, 1761-1785”
   James C. Gaston - “Richard Prescott and Mud Island: Epitomes of the American Revolution As Seen by London’s Poets”
   Lewis Leary - “The Dream Visions of Philip Freneau”
   Peter Shaw - “Their Kinsman, Thomas Hutchinson: The Boston Patriots and His Majesty’s Royal Governor”
   Peter J. Stanlis - “British Views of the American Revolution: A Conflict over Rights of Sovereignty”
   Cecelia Tichi - “The American Revolution and the New Earth”

Volume 11, Number 3 - Winter 1976/77
   Thomas M. Davis - “Edward Taylor’s Elegies on the Mathers”
   Phyllis Jones - “Biblical Rhetoric and the Pulpit Literature of New England”
   David L. Parker - “Edward Taylor’s Preparationism: A New Perspective on the Taylor-Stoddard Controversy”
   Leo M. Kaiser - “On Sewall’s Diary; On Mather’s Christian Philosopher
   John J. Teunissen and Evelyn J. Hinz - “Roger Williams, Thomas More, and the Narragansett Utopia”
   David Smith - “William Byrd Surveys America”
   John F. Sears - “Timothy Dwight and the American Landscape”
   Wendy Martin - “Women and the American Revolution”
   Jeffrey Steinbrink - “Cooper’s Romance of the Revolution: Lionel Lincoln and the Lessons of Failure”

Volume 12, Number 1 - Spring 1977
   Hans Galinsky - “Exploring the Exploration Report”
   Ursula Brumm - “Did the Pilgrims Fall Upon their Knees When They Arrived in the New World”
   Hans R. Guggisberg - “Religious Freedom and the History of the Christian World in Roger Williams’ Thought”
   Astrid Schmitt-v. Mühlenfels - “John Fiske’s Funeral Elegy on John Cotton”
   Pierre Marambaud - “Dickinson’s Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania
   Jean F. Beranger - “The Desire for Communication: Narrator and Narratee in Letters from an American Farmer

Volume 12, Number 2 - Fall 1977
   Robert D. Arner - “A Tribute to Richard Beale Davis”
   Richard Beale Davis - “Southern Writing of the Revolutionary Period, c. 1760-1790”
   Rosamund Rosenmeier - “Divine Translation: A Contribution to the Study of Anne Bradstreet’s Method in the Marriage Poems”
   Robert Daly - “Puritan Poetics: The World, the Flesh, and God”
   William J. Scheick - “‘The Inward Tacles and the Outward Traces’: Edward Taylor’s Elusive Transitions”
   A. Carl Bredahl - “Transformation in Wieland
   William L. Andrews - “Freneau’s ‘A Political Litany’: A Note on Interpretation”
   Harold Kulungian - “The Aestheticism of Crèvecoeur’s American Farmer”

Volume 12, Number 3 - Winter 1977/78
   Stanford J. Searl, Jr. - “Perry Miller as Artist: Piety and Imagination in The New England Mind: The Seventeenth Century
   C.R. Kropf - “Colonial Satire and the Law”
   Walter P. Wenska - “The Coquette and the American Dream of Freedom”
   Martin Roth - “Irving and the Old Style”
   Jane Donahue Eberwein - “Freneau’s ‘The Beauties of Santa Cruz’”
   Charles E. Bennett - “A Poetical Correspondence Among Elihu Hubbard Smith, Joseph Bringhurst, Jr., and Charles Brockden Brown in The Gazette of the United States
   Hugh J. Dawson - “Franklin’s ‘Memoirs’ in 1784: The Design of the Autobiography, Parts I and II”
   James T.F. Tanner - “The ‘Triple Ban’ in Joel Barlow’s ‘Advice to a Raven in Russia’”
   Charles W. Mignon - “The Nebraska Edward Taylor Manuscript: ‘Upon the Types of the Old Testament’”
   Vincent Freimarck - “Reader’s Reach and Writer’s Grasp”

Volume 13, Number 1 - Spring 1978
   Donald T. Siebert, Jr. - “Royall Tyler’s ‘Bold Example’: The Contrast and the English Comedy of Manners”
   Frank Shuffelton - “The Voice of History: Thomas Godfrey’s Prince of Parthia
   Jay Martin - “The Province of Speech: American Drama in the Eighteenth Century”
   Robert D. Richardson, Jr. - “The Enlightenment View of Myth and Barlow’s Vision of Columbus
   Larzer Ziff - “Revolutionary Rhetoric and Puritanism”
   Philip D. Beidler - “Franklin’s and Crèvecoeur’s ‘Literary’ Americans”
   Baird Tipson - “The Routinized Piety of Thomas Shepard’s Diary”
   Mark Seltzer - “Saying Makes It So: Language and Event in Brown’s Wieland
   Michael Schuldiner - “Edward Taylor’s ‘Problematic’ Imagery”
   Edward W.R. Pitcher - “Signatures and Sources for Fiction in Webster’s American Magazine
   Thomas M. Davis - “Edward Taylor to Samuel Sewall, Nov.17, 1704”
   Michael Colacurcio - Review Essay: “Does American Literature Have a History?”

Volume 13, Number 2 - Fall 1978
   Walter P. Wenska - “Bradford’s Two Histories: Pattern and Paradigm in Of Plymouth Plantation
   Terrence Erdt - “The Calvinist Psychology of the Heart and the ‘Sense’ of Jonathan Edwards”
   Michael T. Gilmore - “Eighteenth-Century Oppositional Ideology and Hugh Henry Brackenridge’s Modern Chivalry
   Mary E. Rucker - “Crèvecoeur’s Letters and Enlightenment Doctrine”
   Walter H. Eitner - “Samuel Miller’s ‘Lately Become Literary’: the Brief Retrospect in Brockden Brown’s Monthly Magazine
   Edward W. Pitcher - “A Note on the Source of ‘The Child of Snow’ and ‘The Son of Snow’”

Volume 13, Number 3 - Winter 1978/79
   Karen Grube - “The ‘Secret Sweet Mysterie’ of Numbers in Edward Taylor’s ‘Meditation 80,’ Second Series”
   Sydney J. Krause - “Ormond: How Rapidly and How Well ‘composed, arranged, and delivered’”
   Stephen J. Stein - “Providence and the Apocalypse in the Early Writings of Jonathan Edwards”
   Janette Seaton Lewis - “A Turn of Thinking: The Long Shadow of The Spectator in Franklin’s Autobiography
   Michael Clark - “‘The Crucified Phrase’: Sign and Desire in Puritan Semiology”
   Leo M. Kaiser - “Six Notes”
   Roger E. Stoddard - “Progress Note on a Bibliography of American Poetry Printed 1610-1820 and Some Corrigenda to Wegelin’s Early American Poetry
   Leo M. Kaiser - “Some Remarks on the Text of The Simple Cobbler of Aggawam

Volume 14, Number 1 - Spring 1979
   Thomas Brewer Vincent - “Keeping the Faith: The Poetic Development of Jacob Bailey, Loyalist”
   Lynn Haims - “The Face of God”
   Betty J. Parks - “The Latin and Greek Poetry of Charles Chauncy”
   Albert Furtwangler- “Strategies of Candor in The Federalist
   Thomas M. Davis - Review Essay: “Solomon Stoddard”

Volume 14, Number 2 - Fall 1979
   John H. O’Neill and Cameron Nickels - “Upon the Attribution of ‘Upon a Fart’ to William Byrd of Westover”
   Mukhtar Ali Isani - “Early Versions of Some Works by Phillis Wheatley”
   Walter H. Eitner - “Jeremy Belknap’s The Foresters: A Thrice-Told Tale
   Pete Kyle McCarter - “Mother Carey’s Jacobin Chickens”
   Mary Weatherspoon Bowden - “In Search of Freneau’s Prison Ships”
   R.C. DeProspo - “The ‘New Simple Idea’ of Edwards’ Personal Narrative”
   James R. Russo - “The Tangled Web of deception and Imposture in Charles Brockden Brown’s Ormond
   Annette Kolodny - Review Essay

Volume 14, Number 3 - Winter 1979/80
   Lewis P. Simpson - “The Act of Thought in Virginia”
   Hugh J. Dawson - “Fathers and Sons: Franklin’s ‘Memoirs’ as Myth and Metaphor”
   Robert A. Ferguson - “Yellow Fever and Charles Brockden Brown: The Context of the Emerging Novelist”
   Lucille M. Schultz - “Uncovering the Significance of the Animal Imagery in Modern Chivalry
   Edward W.R. Pitcher - “The Un-American Fiction of The American Moral and Sentimental Magazine
   Leo M. Kaiser - “On the Epitaph of Thomas Shepard II and a Corrigendum in Jantz”
   Richard S. Sliwoski - “Doctoral Dissertations on Jonathan Edwards”
   Carmine A. Prioli - Review Essay: “Early New England Gravestone Scholarship”

Volume 15, Number 1 - Spring 1980
   P.M. Zall - “The Old Age of American Jestooks”
   Phyllis M. Jones - “Puritan’s Progress: The Story of the Soul’s Salvation in the Early New England Sermons”
   Randall R. Mawer - “‘Farewel Dear Babe’: Bradstreet’s Elegy for Elizabeth”
   Dorothy Medlin - “Benjamin Franlin’s Bagatelles for Madame Helvétius”
   James Egan - “Nathaniel Ward and the Marprelate Tradition”
   Judith R. Hiltner - “Later Freneau Poems in the New Brunswick Fredonian

Volume 15, Number 2 - Fall 1980
   David Laurence - “Jonathan Edwards, John Locke, and the Canon of Experience”
   Robert S. Levine - “Villainy and the Fear of Conspiracy in C.B. Brown’s Ormond
   Floyd Ogburn, Jr. - “Structure and Meaning in Thomas Jefferson’s Notes on Virginia
   Emory Elliott - “The Development of the Puritan Funeral Sermon and Elegy: 1660-1750”
   Lewis Leary - “The ‘Friends’ of James Allen, or, How Partial Truth Is No Truth at All”
   Robert Micklus - “Charles Brockden Brown’s Curiosity Shop”
   Carla Mulford Micklus - “John Leacock’s A New Song, On the Repeal of the Stamp-Act

Volume 15, Number 3 - Winter 1980/81
   C.R. Kropf - “Richard Lewis’s ‘Food for Criticks’ as Aesthetic Statement”
   Alexander Medlicott, Jr. - “In the Wake of Mr. Edwards’s ‘Most Awakening’ Sermon at Enfield”
   Jeffrey Walker - “Benjamin Church’s Commonplace Book of Verse”
   Parker H. Johnson - “Humiliation Followed by Deliverance: Metaphor and Plot in Cotton Mather’s Magnalia
   Edward W. Pitcher - “Anthologized Short Fiction in Eighteenth-Century America: The Example of The American Bee
   David Downing - “‘Streams of Scripture Comfort’: Mary Rowlandson’s Typological Use of the Bible”
   Leo M. Kaiser - “An Aspect of Hugh Henry Brackenridge’s Classicism”
   David Levin - “When Did Cotton Mather See the Angel?”

Volume 16, Number 1 - Spring 1981
   William Hedges - “The Old World Yet: Writers and Writing in Post-Revolutionary America”
   Jane Donahue Eberwein - “‘No rhet’ric we expect’: Argumentation in Bradstreet’s ‘The Prologue’”
   Karl Keller - “The Loose, Large Principles of Solomon Stoddard”
   Mitchell Robert Breitwieser - “Cotton Mather’s Pharmacy”
   Jan Bakker - “Parallel Water Journeys into the American Eden in John Davis’s The First Settlers of Virginia and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
   A. Carl Bredahl, Jr. - “The Two Portraits in Wieland
   James R. Russo - “‘The Chimeras of the Brain’: Clara’s narrative in Wieland

Volume 16, Number 2 - Fall 1981
   Robert Micklus - “Dr. Alexander Hamilton’s ‘Modest Proposal’”
   George Toles - “Charting the Hidden Landscape: Edgar Huntly
   Cynthia S. Jordan - “On Rereading Wieland
   William C. Spengemann - Review Essay: “Puritan Influences in American Literature”

Volume 16, Number 3 - Winter 1981/82
   Dennis H. Barbour - “Gods Determinations and the Hexameral Tradition”
   George Sebouhian - “Conversion Morphology and the structure of Gods Determinations
   J. William T. Youngs, Jr. - “The Indian Saints of New England”
   Philip D. Beidler - “The ‘Author’ of Franklin’s Autobiography
   Paul David Johnson - “Jonathan Edwards’s ‘Sweet Conjunction’”

Volume 17, Number 1 - Spring 1982
   J.A. Leo Lemay - “The Contexts and Themes of ‘The Hasty-Pudding’”
   Susan Drinker Moran - “Thomas Shepard and the Professor: Two Documents from the Early History of Harvard”
   Frank Shuffelton - “‘Philosophic Solitude’ and the Pastoral Politics of William Livingston”
   Bruce Granger - “The Hudibrastic Poetry of Jacob Bailey”
   Richard Walser - “Boston’s Reception of the First American Novel”
   Melvin H. Buxbaum - Review Essay: “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, a Genetic Text”

Volume 17, Number 2 - Fall 1982
   Ursula Brumm - “‘Tuning’ the Song of Praise: Observations on the Use of Numbers in Edward Taylor’s Preparatory Meditations
   Edward H. Davidson - “John Cotton’s Biblical Exegesis: Method and Purpose”
   Cameron C. Nickels - “Federalist Mock Pastorals: The Ideology of Early New England Humor”
   Eileen Margerum - “Anne Bradstreet’s Public Poetry and the Tradition of Humility”
   Lewis Leary - “Poetry as Payment: Jeremy Belknap”
   Benjamin Franklin V - “A Note on Mercy Otis Warren’s ‘The Defeat’”
   Eleanor Tilton - Review Essay: “Washington Irving–Edited ‘Of laborious research and painful collation’”

Volume 17, Number 3 - Winter 1982/83
   Jeffrey Hammond - “A Puritan Ars Moriendi: Edward Taylor’s Late Meditations on the Song of Songs”
   Michael Schuldiner - “Solomon Stoddard and the Process of Conversion”
   Anthony Damico - “The Conceit of Dyeing in Edward Taylor’s Preparatory Meditations, Second Series, Number One”
   Walter Hesford - “‘Do you know the author?’: The Question of Authorship in Wieland

Volume 18, Number 1 - Spring 1983
   William C. Spengemann - “Discovering the Literature of British America”
   Carl R. Kropf - “The Nationalistic Criticism of Early American Literature”
   Thomas E. Terrell, Jr. - “‘Some Holsom Exhortations’: Henry White’s Seventeenth-Century Southern Religious Narrative in Verse”
   Cynthia Dubin Edelberg - “The Shaping of a Political Poet: Five Newfound Verses of Jonathan Odell”
   Barry Bell - “Reading and ‘Misreading’ the Declaration of Independence”
   Lewis Leary - “William Charles White: ‘The American Garrick’”
   David Levin - Review Essay: “The Form and Sources of Cultural History”
   Robert Middlekauf - Review Essay: “Attempts to Put the American Revolution Back Together Again”

Volume 18, Number 2 - Fall 1983
   Jerome Griswold - “Early American Children’s Literature: A Bibliographic Primer”
   Marion Barber Stowell - “The Influence of Nathaniel Ames on the Literary Taste of His Time”
   Eldon R. Turner - “Peasants and Parsons: John Wise’s Churches Quarrel Espoused
   Edwin Sill Fussell - “Wieland: A Literary and Historical Reading”
   David Laurence - Review Essay: “Moral Philosophy and New England Literary History: Reflections on Norman Fiering”

Volume 18, Number 3 - Winter 1983/84
   David Watters - “The Spectral Identity of Sir William Phips”
   Joan Del Fattore - “John Webster’s Metallographia: A Source for Alchemical Imagery in the Preparatory Meditations
   Thomas J. Steele and Eugene R. Delay - “Vertigo in History: The Threatening Tactility of ‘Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God’”
   Teresa Toulouse - “Syllabicall Idolatry: Benjamin Colman’s Rhetoric of Balance”
   Dennis Powers - “Purpose and Design in Joshua Scottow’s Narrative

Volume 19, Number 1 - Spring 1984
   Daniel E. Williams - “Doctor, Preacher, Soldier, Thief: A New World of Possibilities in the Rogue Narrative of Henry Tufts”
   Steven Blakemore - “Strange Tongues: Cooper’s Fiction of Language”
   Jeffrey A. Hammond - “‘Ladders of Your Own’; The Day of Doom and the Repudiation of ‘Carnal Reason’”
   Lloyd M. Daigrepont - “Ichabod Crane: Inglorious Man of Letters”
   William J. Scheick - “Phillis Wheatley and Oliver Goldsmith: A Fugitive Satire”

Volume 19, Number 2 - Fall 1984
   Agnieszka Salska - “Puritan Poetry: Its Public and Private Strain”
   Peter Wagner - “‘The Female Creed’: A New Reading of William Byrd’s Ribald Parody”
   Pierre Marambaud - “‘At Once the Copy,–and the Original’: Richard Lewis’s ‘A Journey from Patapsco to Annapolis’”
   William Boelhower - “New World Topology and Types in the Novels of Abbot Pietro Chiari”
   Bernard Chevignard - “St. John de Crèvecoeur in the Looking Glass: Letters from an American Farmer and the Making of a Man of Letters”
   Eleanor M. Tilton - Review Essay: “In the Labyrinth of Charles Brockden Brown’s Prose: The Bicentennial Edition”

Volume 19, Number 3 - Winter 1984/85
   David S. Shields - “The Religious Sublime and New England Poets of the 1720s”
   Robert P. Winston - “‘Strange order of things!’: The Journey to Chaos in Letters from and American Farmer
   Robert L. Pincus - “Pictures of New England’s Apocalypse: Benjamin Tompson’s Transformation of the British Advice-to-a-Painter Poem”
   Teresa Toulouse - “‘The Art of Prophesying’: John Cotton and the Rhetoric of Election”

Volume 20, Number 1 - Spring 1985
   Harold Hellenbrand - “Roads to Happiness: Rhetorical and Philosophical Design in Jefferson’s Notes on the State of Virginia
   David L. Greene - “New Light on Mary Rowlandson”
   John Hales - “The Landscape of Tragedy: Crèvecoeur’s ‘Susquehanna’”
   J. Daniel Patterson - “A Reconsideration of Edward Taylor’s ‘The Preface,’ Lines 9-12”
   Edwin Sill Fussell - Review Essay: “James Fenimore Cooper – The New York Edition”

Volume 20, Number 2 - Fall 1985
   Rosemary Fithian - “‘Words of My Mouth, Meditations of My Heart’: Edward Taylor’s Preparatory Meditations and the Book of Psalms”
   Michael Clark - “The Subject of the Text in Early American Literature”
   Lewis Leary - “George Richards: ‘The Best Poet America Ever Produced’”
   Philip F. Gura - Review Essay: “The Weight of Elijah’s Mantle: A New Anthology of American Puritan Writings”
   David Levin - Review Essay: “The Province of Historical Criticism: Historical Fact in Hawthorne and Colacurcio”

Volume 20, Number 3 - Winter 1985/86
   David H. Watters - “‘I spake as a child’: Authority, Metaphor and The New-England Primer
   Joseph Fireoved - “Nathaniel Gardner and the New-England Courant
   Nancy V. Morrow - “The Problem of Slavery in the Polemic Literature of the American Enlightenment”
   Alan Heimert - Review Essay: “The Yale Edwards”
   Ursula Brumm - Review Essay: “Recognizing a Female Aesthetic”

Volume 21, Number 1 - Spring 1986
   Cathy N. Davidson - “Female Authorship and Authority: The Case of Sukey Vickery”
   Philip F. Gura - “Solomon Stoddard’s Irreverent Way”
   Eid A. Dahiyat - “Milton and Franklin”
   Eugenia DeLamotte - “John Cotton and the Rhetoric of Grace”

Volume 21, Number 2 - Fall 1986
   Richard S. Pressman - “Class Positioning and Shays’ Rebellion: Resolving the Contradictions of The Contrast
   Dennis Barone - “James Logan and Gilbert Tennant: Enlightened Classicist versus Awakened Evangelist”
   David Harlan - “A World of Double Visions and Second Thoughts: Jonathan Dickinson’s Display of God’s Special Grace
   Gregg Camfield - “Joel Barlow’s Dialectic of Progress”
   Sondra O’Neale - “A Slave’s Subtle War: Phillis Wheatley’s Use of Biblical Myth and Symbol”
   John Griffith - Review Essay: “Franklin For the Many and the Few”

Volume 21, Number 3 - Winter 1986/87
   Bruce Greenfield - “The Idea of Discovery as a Source of Narrative Structure in Samuel Hearne’s Journey to the Northern Ocean
   Richard W. Cogley - “John Eliot and the Origins of the American Indians”
   Jeffrey Rubin-Dorsky - “Washington Irving and the Genesis of the Fictional Sketch”
   Patrick Sullivan - “Benjamin Franklin, The Inveterate (and Crafty) Public Instructor: Instruction on Two Levels in ‘The Way to Wealth’”
   Philip F. Gura - Review Essay: “John Who?: Captain John Smith and Early American Literature”
   Daniel B Shea - Review Essay: “Deconstruction Comes to Early ‘America’: The Case of Edwards”

Volume 22, Number 1 - Spring 1987
   Bruce Tucker - “Joseph Sewall’s Diary and the Rhythm of Puritan Spirituality”
   Susan Bryan - “Reauthorizing the Text: Jefferson’s Scissor Edit of the Gospels”
   John Engell - “Brackenridge, Modern Chivalry, and American Humor”
   J. Daniel Patterson - “Gods Determinations: The Occasion, the Audience, and Taylor’s Hope for New England”
   Kathryn Zabelle Derounian - “Puritan Orthodoxy and the ‘Survivor Syndrome’ in Mary Rowlandson’s Indian Captivity Narrative”
   Malini Schueller - “Authorial Discourse and Pseudo-Dialogue in Franklin’s Autobiography
   Mukhtar Ali Isani - “The Methodist Connection: New Variants of Some Phillis Wheatley Poems”
   Jeffrey A. Hammond - Review Essay: “Where Are We Going, Where Have We Been?: Puritan Poetics Reconsidered”
   Sargent Bush, Jr. - Review Essay: “Hearing the Word as Spoken: Five Generations of Sermons in New England”

Volume 22, Number 2 - Fall 1987
   Robert Ferguson - “Ideology and the Framing of the Constitution”
   William L. Hedges - “Telling Off the King: Jefferson’s Summary View as American Fantasy”
   Martin Roth - “Tom Paine and American Loneliness”
   Shirley Samuels - “Infidelity and Contagion: The Rhetoric of Revolution”
   Doreen Alvarez Saar - “Crèvecoeur’s ‘Thoughts on Slavery’: Letters From an American Farmer and Whig Rhetoric”
   John Seelye - “The Jacobin Mode in Early American Fiction: Gilbert Imlay’s The Emigrants

Volume 22, Number 3 - 1987
   Daniel E. Williams - “Puritans and Pirates: A Confrontation between Cotton Mather and William Fly in 1726”
   Christopher Looby - “The Constitution of Nature: Taxonomy as Politics in Jefferson, Peale, and Bartram”
   Norman S. Grabo - “Ideology and the Early American Frontier”
   Dennis R. Perry - “Autobiographical Role-Playing in Edward Johnson’s Wondering-Working Providence
   James Sanderson - “Agrarianism in Hugh Henry Brackenridge’s Articles in The Pittsburgh Gazette

Volume 23, Number 1 - 1988
   David S. Shields - “Henry Brooke and the Situation of the First Belletrists in British America”
   John T. Shawcross - “Some Colonial American Poetry and George Herbert”
   Daniel B. Shea - “‘Our Professed Old Adversary’: Thomas Morton and the Naming of New England”
   Helena Maragou - “The Portrait of Alexander the Great in Anne Bradstreet’s ‘The Third Monarchy’”
   Jerome D. DeNuccio - “The De-Thundered Textman: A Note on Benjamin Tompson’s Epitaph for his Father”
   John T. Shawcross - “Another Printing of an Epitaph by John Saffin”
   William C. Spengemann - Review Essay: “American Literary History: Some Still Unanswered Questions”

Volume 23, Number 2 - 1988
   Roland Hagenbüchle - “American Literature and the Nineteenth-Century Crisis in Epistemology: The Example of Charles Brockden Brown”
   Timothy Sweet - “Gender, Genre, and Subjectivity in Anne Bradstreet’s Early Elegies”
   Paula Kopacz - “‘To Finish What’s Begun’: Anne Bradstreet’s Last Words”
   Anne Dalke - “Original Vice: The Political Implications of Incest in the Early American Novel”
   Joseph Fichtelberg - “The Complex Image: Text and Reader in the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin”

Volume 23, Number 3 - 1988
   Kathryn Zabelle Derounian - “The Publication, Promotion, and Distribution of Mary Rowlandson’s Indian Captivity Narrative in the Seventeenth Century”
   Beverly R. Voloshin - “Edgar Huntly and the Coherence of the Self”
   Helen Petter Westra - “Jonathan Edwards on ‘Faithful and Successful Ministers’”
   Ivy Schweitzer - “Anne Bradstreet Wrestles with the Renaissance”
   A. Owen Aldridge - “The Attribution to Franklin of a Letter from China”
   Bernard Chevignard - Review Essay: “St. John De Crèvecoeur: A Case of Arrested Biographical Development”
   R.C. De Prosp - Review Essay: “Early American Poe”

Volume 24, Number 1 - 1989
   Laura E. Tanner and James N. Krasner - “Exposing the ‘Sacred Juggle’: Revolutionary Rhetoric in Robert Rogers’ Ponteach
   John Canup - “Cotton Mather and ‘Criolian Degeneracy’”
   Mary Cappello - “The Authority of Self-Definition in Thomas Shepard’s Autobiography and Journal
   Beth M. Doriani - “‘Then Have I ... Said With David’: Anne Bradstreet’s Andover Manuscript Poems and the Influence of the Psalm Tradition”
   Kathryn Zabelle Derounian - “A Note on Mary (White) Rowlandson’s English Origins”

Volume 24, Number 2 - 1989
   Sargent Bush, Jr. - “John Cotton’s Correspondence: A Census”
   Pattie Cowell - “Colonial Poets and the Magazine Trade, 1741-1775”
   Elizabeth M. Renker - “‘Declaration-men’ and the Rhetoric of Self-Presentation”
   Kristie Hamilton - “An Assault on the Will: Republican Virtue and the City in Hannah Webster Foster’s The Coquette

Volume 24, Number 3 - 1989
   Daniel E. Williams - “Of Providence and Pirates: Philip Ashton’s Narrative Struggle for Salvation”
   David S. Shields - “Nathaniel Gardner, Jr., and the Literary Culture of Boston in the 1750s”
   Rob Wilson - “William Livingston’s Philosophic Solitude and the Ideology of the Natural Sublime”
   J.K. Van Dover - “The Design of Anarchy: The Anarchiad, 1786-1787”
   R.C. De Prospo - “The Round Table: The Latest Early American Literature”

Volume 25, Number 1 - 1990
   Douglas Anderson - “Bartram’s Travels and the Politics of Nature”
   William C. Dowling - “Joel Barlow and The Anarchiad
   Cynthia J. Miecznikowski - “The Parodic Mode and the Patriarchal Imperative: Reading the Female Reader(s) in Tabitha Tenney’s Female Quixotism
   Shirley Samuels - “Wieland: Alien and Infidel”
   Jane Donahue Eberwein - “The Round Table: ‘Prospects’ and the Topography of a Changing Discipline”

Volume 25, Number 2 - 1990
   Daniel E. Williams - “In Defense of Self: Author and Authority in the Memoirs of Stephen Burroughs
   Phillip M. Richards - “Nationalist Themes in the Preaching of Jupiter Hammon”
   Sarah Emily Newton - “Wise and Foolish Virgins: ‘Usable Fiction’ and the Early American Conduct Tradition”
   Ada Van Gastel - “Franklin and Freud: Love in the Autobiography
   John R. Holmes and Edwin J. Saeger - “Charles Brockden Brown and the ‘Laura-Petrarch’ Letters”
   Robert Daly - “The Round Table: Recognizing Early American Literature”
   Frank Shuffelton - Review Essay: “Privation and Fulfillment: The Ordering of Early New England”

Volume 25, Number 3 - 1990
   Peggy Samuels - “Imagining Distance: Spanish Explorers in America”
   Lad Tobin - “A Radically Different Voice: Gender and Language in the Trials of Anne Hutchinson”
   John C. Adams - “Alexander Richardson and the Ramist Poetics of Michael Wigglesworth”
   Frank Shuffelton - “In Different Voices: Gender in the American Republic of Letters”
   Kathryn Zabelle Derounian-Stodola and David L. Greene - “Additions and Corrections to ‘A Note on Mary (White) Rowlandson’s English Origins”
   David S. Shields - “The Round Table: The Object of the Text in Early American Literature”

Volume 26, Number 1 - 1991
   Jesper Rosenmeier - “‘They Shall No Longer Grieve’: The Song of Songs and Edward Johnson’s Wonder-Working Providence
   James A. Levernier - “Phillis Wheatley and the New England Clergy”
   Klaus P. Hansen - “The Sentimental Novel and Its Feminist Critique”
   Caryn Chaden - “Dress and Undress in Brackenridge’s Modern Chivalry
   Timothy K. Conley - “The Round Table: Retrospects and the Strategies of a Puzzled Discipline”
   Teresa A. Toulouse - Review Essay: “Bridging the Gap: The Question of the Twayne Series”

Volume 26, Number 2 - 1991
   Joseph Conforti - “The Invention of the Great Awakening, 1795-1842”
   Jane D. Eberwein - “Civil War and Bradstreet’s ‘Monarchies’”
   D.N. DeLuna - “Cotton Mather Published Abroad”
   Andrew J. Scheiber - “‘The arm lifted against me’: Love, Terror, and the Construction of Gender in Wieland
   Daniel E. Williams - “The Round Table: No Rambo Action in the Trenches of Higher Education”

Volume 26, Number 3 - 1991
   Hugh J. Dawson - “John Winthrop’s Rite of Passage: The Origins of the ‘Christian Charitie’ Discourse”
   Etta Madden - “Resurrecting Life through Rhetorical Ritual: A Buried Value of the Puritan Funeral Sermon”
   Margaret E. Stewart - “John Woolman’s ‘Kindness beyond Expression’: Collective Identity vs. Individualism and White Supremacy”
   David S. Shields - Review Essay: “The Tuesday Club Writings and the Literature of Sociability”

Volume 27, Number 1 - 1992
   Linda Munk - “His Dazzling Absence: The Shekinah in Jonathan Edwards”
   Rodger M. Payne - “Metaphors of the Self and the Sacred: The Spiritual Autobiography of the Rev. Freeborn Garrettson”
   Margaret H. Davis - “Mary White Rowlandson’s Self-Fashioning as Puritan Goodwife”
   Stephen Carl Arch - “The Glorious Revolution and the Rhetoric of Puritan History”

Volume 27, Number 2 - 1992
   Scott Michaelsen - “John Winthrop’s ‘Modell’ Covenant and the Company Way”
   James E. Kibler, Jr. - “George Milligen, Colonial Carolina Elegist”
   Christopher Morrison - “A Spiritual Pilgrimage through a Deistic Universe”
   Terence Martin - “Three Columbiads, Three Visions of the Future”
   William J. Scheick - “Phillis Wheatley’s Appropriation of Isaiah”

Volume 27, Number 3 - 1992
   Joseph M. Thomas - “‘Peculiar Soil’: Mining the Early American Imagination”
   Michael P. Winship - “Behold the Bridegroom cometh!: Marital Imagery in Massachusetts Preaching, 1630-1730”
   Claire C. Pettengill - “Sisterhood in a Separate Sphere: Female Friendship in Hannah Webster Foster’s The Coquette and The Boarding School
   David Waldstreicher - “‘Fallen under My Observation’: Vision and Virtue in The Coquette

Volume 28, Number 1 - 1993
   Jane Donahue Eberwein - “‘Harvardine quil’: Benjamin Tompson’s Poems on King Philip’s War”
   Michael W. Vella - “Theology, Genre, and Gender: The Precarious Place of Hannah Adams in American Literary History”
   Stephen Carl Arch - “The Edifying History of Edward Johnson’s Wonder-Working Providence
   Michelle Burnham - “The Journey Between: Liminality and Dialogism in Mary White Rowlandson’s Captivity Narrative”

Volume 28, Number 2 - 1993
   Grantland S. Rice - “Crèvecoeur and the Politics of Authorship in Republican America”
   Elisa New - “‘Both Great and Small’: Adult Proportion and Divine Scale in Edward Taylor’s ‘Preface’ and The New-England Primer
   Carol M. Bensick - “Preaching to the Choir: Some Achievements and Shortcomings of Taylor’s God’s Determinations
   Daniel E. Williams - “Victims of Narrative Seduction: The Literary Translations of Elizabeth (and ‘Miss Harriot’) Wilson”
   Kevin J. Hayes - “The Board of Trade’s ‘cruel Sarcasm’: A Neglected Franklin Source”

Volume 28, Number 3 - 1993
   Karen Gordon-Grube - “Evidence of Medicinal Cannibalism in Puritan New England: ‘Mummy’ and Related Remedies in Edward Taylor’s ‘Dispensatory’”
   Allison Giffen - “‘Till Grief Melodious Grow’: The Poems and Letters of Ann Eliza Bleecker”
   Anna Carew-Miller - “The Language of Domesticity in Crèvecoeur’s Letters from an American Farmer
   Lisa Logan - “Mary Rowlandson’s Captivity and the ‘Place’ of the Woman Subject”

Volume 29, Number 1 - 1994
   Karen O’Brien - “David Ramsay and the Delayed Americanization of American History”
   Andrew Burstein and Catherine Mowbray - “Jefferson and Sterne”
   Eric Wertheimer - “Commencement Ceremonies: History and Identity in ‘The Rising Glory of America,’ 1771 and 1786”
   Timothy Sweet - American Pastoralism and the Marketplace: Eighteenth-Century Ideologies of Farming”
   Michele Valerie Ronnick - “A Note on the Text of Philip Freneau’s ‘Columbus to Ferdinand’: From Plato to Seneca”
   Lee E. Heller - Review Essay: “Conceiving the ‘New’ American Literature

Volume 29, Number 2 - 1994
   Pattie Cowell - “Early New England Poets: Writing as Vocation”
   John Saillant - “‘Remarkably Emancipated from Bondage, Slavery, and Death’: An African American Retelling of the Puritan Captivity Narrative, 1820”
   Joanna Bowen Gillespie - “Filiopietism as Citizenship, 1810: Letters from Martha Laurens Ramsay to David Ramsay, Jr.”
   Dennis R. Perry - “‘Novelties and Stile Which All Out-Do’: William Hubbard’s Historiography Reconsidered”
   Sharon M. Harris - “The Round Table: Contemporary Theories and Early American Literature”

Volume 29, Number 3 - 1994
   E. Thomson Shields, Jr. - “‘A Modern Poem,’ by the Mecklenburg Censor: Politics and Satire in Revolutionary North Carolina”
   Michael Elliott - “‘This Indian Bait’: Samson Occom and the Voice of Liminality”
   Albert J. Von Frank - “John Saffin: Slavery and Racism in Colonial Massachusetts”
   J. Daniel Patterson - “The Last Unpublished Preparatory Meditation from Edward Taylor’s ‘Poetical Works’ Manuscript”
   William C. Spengemann - Review Essay: “E Pluribus Minimum”

Volume 30, Number 1 - 1995
   Christopher Grasso - “Print, Poetry, and Politics: John Trumbull and the Transformation of Public Discourse in Revolutionary America”
   Christopher W. Jones - “Praying upon Truth: The Memoirs of Stephen Burroughs and the Picaresque”
   Elizabeth Jane Wall Hinds - “Charles Brockden Brown’s Revenge Tragedy: Edgary Huntly and the Uses of Property”
   John R. Holmes - “Charles Brockden Brown’s Earliest Letter”
   Stephen Carl Arch - “The Round Table: Letting Go of the Big Anthology”

Volume 30, Number 2 - 1995
   Paul Baepler - “The Barbary Captivity Narrative in Early America”
   Kirstin Wilcox - “The Scribblings of a Plain Man and the Temerity of a Woman: Gender and Genre in Judith Sargent Murray’s The Gleaner

THE ROUND TABLE: New Directions in Early American Studies
   Carla Mulford - “Huehuetlatolli, Early American Studies, and the Problem of History”
   Thomas W. Krise - “True Novel, False History: Robert Robertson’s Ventriloquized Ex-Slave in The Speech of Mr. John Talbot Campo-Bell (1736)”
   Arnold Krupat - “American Histories, Native American Narratives”
   Sharon M. Harris - “Whose Past Is It? Women Writers in Early America”
   Anthony Kemp - “The Negation of the Past and the Creation of American Radicalism”
   Kathryn Zabelle Derounian-Stodola - Review Essay: “Troping America”

Volume 30, Number 3 - 1995
   Ralph Bauer - “Colonial Discourse and Early American Literary History”
   Phillip H. Round - “The Discursive Origins of the American Revolution”
   Daniel E. Williams - “The Round Table: Authoring the Author: Heroes and Geeks”
   Frank Shuffelton - Review Essay: “Presenting Jefferson”

Volume 31, Number 1 - 1996
   Thomas B. Lovell - “Separate Spheres and Extensive Circles: Sarah Savage’s The Factory Girl and the Celebration of Industry in Early Nineteenth-Century America”
   Carolyn Haynes - “‘A Mark for Them All to ... Hiss at’: The Formation of Methodist and Pequot Identity in the Conversion Narrative of William Apess”
   Lorrayne Carroll - “‘My Outward Man’: The Curious Case of Hannah Swarton”
   John Evelev - “The Contrast: The Problem of Theatricality and Political and Social Crisis in Postrevolutionary America”
   Robert D. Arner - “‘The Child of Snow’: A Misidentified ‘Early American’ Short Story”

Volume 31, Number 2 - 1996
   Marsha Watson - “A Classic Case: Phillis Wheatley and Her Poetry”
   Rafia Zafar - “The Proof of the Pudding: Of Haggis, Hasty Pudding, and the Transatlantic Influence”
   Amelia Howe Kritzer - “Playing with Republican Motherhood: Self-Representation in Plays by Susanna Haswell Rowson and Judith Sargent Murray”
   Paul Lewis - “Charles Brockden Brown and the Gendered Canon of Early American Fiction”
   E.W. Pitcher - “A ‘Complaint’ Against ‘The Petition’ of Belinda, an African Slave”

Volume 31, Number 3 - 1996
   Karen A. Weyler - “‘A Speculating Spirit’: Trade, Speculation, and Gambling in Early American Fiction”
   Nancy E. Wright - “Epitaphic Conventions and the Reception of Anne Bradstreet’s Public Voice”
   Ralph A. Manogue - “James Ridgway and America”

Volume 32, Number 1 - 1997
   Joseph Fichtelberg - “The Sentimental Economy of Isaac Mitchell’s The Asylum
   Christine Holbo - “Imagination, Commerce, and the Politics of Associationism in Crèvecoeur’s Letters from an American Farmer
   James D. Hartman - “Providence Tales and the Indian Captivity Narrative: Some Transatlantic Influences on Colonial Puritan Discourse”
   Akiyo Ito - “Olaudah Equiano and the New York Artisans: The First American Edition of The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African
   Jim Egan - “The Round Table: Analyzing the Apparatus: Teaching American Literature Anthologies as Texts”

Volume 32, Number 2 - 1997
   Linda Frost - “The Body Politic in Tabitha Tenney’s Female Quixotism
   Keith Lawrence - “Zuriel Waterman and the ‘Robert Young Broadsides’: Intertextual Male Democracy in New England, 1780”
   Dawn Henwood - “Mary Rowlandson and the Psalms: The Textuality of Survival”
   Vincent Carretta - “An ‘Animadversion’ Upon a ‘Complaint’ Against ‘The Petition’ of Belinda, an African Slave”

Volume 32, Number 3 - 1997
   Joseph Fichtelberg - “Friendless in Philadelphia: The Feminist Critique of Martha Meredith Read”
   Carrie Galloway Blackstock - “Ann Bradstreet and Performativity: Self-Cultivation, Self-Deployment”
   Kristin Boudreau - “Early American Criminal Narratives and the Problem of Public Sentiments”

Volume 33, Number 1 - 1998
   Caleb Crain - “Leander, Lorenzo, and Castalio: An Early American Romance”
   Hilary E. Wyss - “‘Things that do accompany Salvation’: Colonialism, Conversion, and Cultural Exchange in Experience Mayhew&rsuqo;s Indian Converts
   Chris Beyers - “Ebenezer Cooke’s Satire, Calculated to the Meridian of Maryland”
   Pattie Cowell - “Round Table: Less False Stories: Teaching Comparative American Literatures”
   Sargent Bush, Jr. - Review Essay: “A Text for All Seasons: Winthrop’s Journal Redivivus

Volume 33, Number 2 - 1998
   Hugh J. Dawson - “‘Christian Charitie’ as Colonial Discourse: Rereading Winthrop’s Sermon in Its English Context”
   Daniel E. Williams - “Reckoned to Be Almost a Natural Fool: Textual Self-Reconstruction in the Writings of Jonathan Plummer–No Hermaphrodite”
   Colin Wells - “Timothy Dwight’s American Dunciad: The Triumph of Infidelity and the Universalist Controversy”
   Christopher Castiglia - “Pedagogical Discipline and the Creation of White Citizenship: John Witherspoon, Robert Finley, and the Colonization Society”

Volume 33, Number 3 - 1998
   Gordon Sayre - “The Mound Builders and the Imagination of American Antiquity in Jefferson, Bartram, and Chateaubriand”
   Edward Larkin - “Inventing an American Public: Thomas Paine, the Pennsylvania Magazine, and American Revolutionary Discourse”
   Jeffrey H. Richards - “How to Write an American Play: Murray’s Traveller Returned and Its Source”
   David Read - “Silent Partners: Historical Representation in William Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation
   Terry Catapano - “Corrective Notes to Lorrayne Carroll’s ‘My Outward Man’: The Curious Case of Hannah Swarton”

Volume 34, Number 1 - 1999
   Leon Jackson - “Jedediah Morse and the Transformation of Print Culture in New England, 1784-1826”
   Patricia L. Bradley - “The Unifying Pauline Sub-Text of Nathaniel Ward’s The Simple Cobler of Aggawam
   Alan J. Silva - “Increase Mather’s 1693 Election Sermon: Rhetorical Innovation and the Reimagination of Puritan Authority”
   Julian Mason- “‘Ocean’: A New Poem by Phillis Wheatley”
   Kathryn Zabelle Derounian-Stodola - “The Round Table: Critical Theory and Early American Literature Introduction”
   Sharon M. Harris - “Feminist Theories and Early American Studies”
   Frank Shuffelton - “Power, Desire, and American Cultural Studies”
   Rosemary Fithian Guruswamy - “Queer Theory and Publication Anxiety: The Case of the Early American Women Writer”

Volume 34, Number 2 - 1999
   Randall Fuller - “Theaters of the American Revolution: The Valley Forge Cato and the Meschianza in Their Transcultural Contexts”
   Adam S. Potkay - “Theorizing Civic Eloquence in the Early Republic: The Road from David Hume to John Quincey Adams”
   Etta M. Madden - “Quaker Elizabeth Ashbridge as ‘the Spectacle & discourse of the Company’: Metaphor, Synecdoche, and Synthesis”
   Judith Hiltner - “‘She Bled in Secret’: Deborah Sampson, Herman Mann, and The Female Review

Volume 34, Number 3 - 1999
   Robert A. Ferguson - “The Forgotten Publius: John Jay and the Aesthetics of Ratification”
   Kun Jong Lee - “Pauline Typology in Cabeza de Vaca’s Naufragios
   Tanya Caldwell - “‘Talking too much English’: Languages of Economy and Politics in Equiano’s The Interesting Narrative
   Jack Dempsey - “Reading the Revels: The Riddle of May Day in New English Canaan

Volume 35, Number 1 - 2000
   Tamara Harvey - “‘Now Sisters ... Impart your Usefulness and Force’: Anne Bradstreet’s Feminist Functionalism”
   Jeffrey Richards - “Samuel Davies and Calvinist Poetic Ecology”
   Jeffrey Pasley - “The Two National Gazettes: Newspapers and the Embodiment of American Political Parties”

Volume 35, Number 2 - 2000
   E. Shaskan Bumas - “The Cannibal Butcher Shop: Protestant Uses of Las Casas’s Brevísima relación and the Case of the Apostle Eliot”
   Hsuan L. Hsu - “Democratic Expansionism in Memoirs of Carwin
   Philip Gould - “Race, Commerce, and the Literature of Yellow Fever in Early National Philadelphia”
   Steven Blakemore - “Family Resemblances: The Texts and Contexts of ‘Rip Van Winkle’”

Volume 35, Number 3 - 2000
   Alison Olson - “The Zenger Case Revisited: Satire, Sedition, and Political Debate in Eighteenth-Century America”
   Andy Trees - “Benedict Arnold, John André, and His Three Yeoman Captors: A Sentimental Journey or American Virtue Defined”
   Jennifer Jordan Baker - “Franklin’s Autobiography and the Credibility of Personality
   Catherine Kaplan - “Document: “Elihu Hubbard Smith’s ‘The Institutions of the Republic of Utopia’”

Volume 36, Number 1 - 2001
   Anne G. Myles - “From Monster to Martyr: Re-Presenting Mary Dyer”
   Edward Cahill - “An Adventurous and Lawless Fancy: Charles Brockden Brown’s Aesthetic State”
   Daniel Williams - “Refuge Upon the Sea: Captivity and Liberty in The Florida Pirate
   Robert Levine - Review Essay: “Does the Republic of Letters Have a Body?”

Volume 36, Number 2 - 2001
   Jesper Rosenmeier - “Eaters and Non-Eaters: John Cotton’s A Brief Exposition of ... Canticles (1642) in Light of Boston’s (Linc.) Religious and Civil Conflicts, 1619-22”
   William J. Scheick - “‘The Captive Exile Hasteth’: Increase Mather, Meditation, and Authority”
   Jennifer T. Kennedy - “Death Effects: Revisiting the Conceit of Franklin’s Memoir
   Julie Sievers - “Awakening the Inner Light: Elizabeth Ashbridge and the Transformation of Quaker Community”
   Lucy Rinehart - “‘Manly Exercises’: Post-Revolutionary Performances of Authority in the Theatrical Career of William Dunlap”

Volume 36, Number 3 - 2001
   Kristina Bross - “Dying Saints, Vanishing Savages: ‘Dying Indian Speeches’ in Colonial New England Literature”
   Keely McCarthy - “Conversion, Identity, and the Indian Missionary”
   D. Britton Gildersleeve - “‘I Had a Religious Mother’: Maternal Ancestry, Female Spaces, and Spiritual Synthesis in Elizabeth Ashbridge’s Account
   Larry Kutchen - “The ‘Vulgar Thread of the Canvas’: Revolution and the Picturesque in Ann Eliza Bleecker, Crèvecoeur, and Charles Brockden Brown”
   Edward Larkin - “Seeing Through Language: Narrative, Portraiture, and Character in Peter Oliver’s The Origin & Progress of the American Rebellion

Volume 37, Number 1 - 2002
   Kathleen Donegan - “‘As Dying, Yet Behold We Live’: Catastrophe and Interiority in Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation
   Janice Knight - “Telling It Slant: The Testimony of Mercy Short”
   Michael Meranze - “Materializing Conscience: Embodiment, Speech, and the Experience of Sympathetic Identification”
   Max Cavitch - “Interiority and Artifact: Death and Self-Inscription in Thomas Smith’s Self-Portrait
   Bruce Burgett - “Between Speculation and Population: The Problem of ‘Sex’ in Our Long Eighteenth Century”

Volume 37, Number 2 - 2002
   Patrick M. Erben - “‘Honey-Combs’ and ‘Paper-Hives’: Positioning Francis Daniel Pastorius’s Manuscript Writings in Early Pennsylvania”
   Susan Scott Parrish - “Women’s Nature: Curiosity, Pastoral, and the New Science in British America”
   Chris Beyers - “Maryland’s ‘First Essay of Latin Poetry in English Dress’: Conceiving Cultural Change in Eighteenth-Century Maryland”
   Marion Rust - “‘Into the House of an Entire Stranger’: Why Sentimental Doesn’t Equal Domestic in Early American Fiction”
   Roumiana Velikova - “‘Philip, King of the Pequots’: The History of an Error”
   Naoki Onishi - “Roundtable: The Japanese Association of Early Americanists”

Volume 37, Number 3 - 2002
   Gordon Sayre - “Plotting the Natchez Massacre: Le Page du Pratz, Dumont de Montigny, Chateaubriand”
   Bruce Greenfield - “Creating the Distance of Print: The Memoir of Peter Pond, Fur Trader”
   Peter Coviello - “Agonizing Affection: Affect and Nation in Early America”
   Bryce Traister - “Criminal Correspondence: Authorship and Espionage in Crèvecoeur’s Revolutionary America”
   Mark Kamrath - “Roundtable Essay: Eyes Wide Shut and the Cultural Poetics of Eighteenth-Century American Periodical Literature”
   Bryan Waterman - Review Essay: “Men’s Worlds”

Volume 38, Number 1 - 2003
   H.C. Maddux - “Ruling Passion: Consent and Covenant Theology in Westfield, Massachusetts, August 1679”
   Andrew Newman - “Captive on the Literacy Frontier: Mary Rowlandson, James Smith, and Charles Johnston”
   Joanna Brooks - “Six Hymns by Samson Occom”
   Lisa West Norwood - “‘I May Be a Stranger to the Grounds of Your Belief’: Constructing Sense of Place in Wieland

The Summit of Early Ibero- and Anglo-Americanists, Tucson, Arizona, May 2002
   Sandra M. Gustafson - “The Tucson Summit and the Promise of Comparative Colonial Studies”
   Luis Millones-Figueroa - “In Search of Colonial Americas”
   Dana Nelson - “Team Comp”
   Leonard Tennenhouse - “The Question of Cultural Bilingualism”

   Mark L. Kamrath - Review Essay: “‘Republican Virtue’ and the American Eve; or, Class(ical) Constructions of Female ‘Boldness’ and Political Liberty”

Volume 38, Number 2 - 2003
   Jim Egan - “The ‘Long’d-for Aera’ of an ‘Other Race’: Climate, Identity, and James Grainger’s The Sugar Cane
   Vincent Carretta - “Who Was Francis Williams?”
   Catherine La Courreye Blecki, Lorett Treese - “Susanna Wright’s ‘The Grove’: A Philosophic Exchange with James Logan”
   David J. Carlson - “Farmer versus Lawyer: Crèvecoeur’s Letters and the Liberal Subject”
   Ralph Bauer - “Notes on the Comparative Study of the Colonial Americas: Further Reflections on the Tucson Summit”
   Philip Gould - Review Essay: “The New Early American Anthology”

Volume 38, Number 3 - 2003
   Jane Donahue Eberwein - “‘His wayes Disgrac’d Are Grac’d”: Edward Taylor’s Metrical History of Christianity as Puritan Narrative”
   Mark B. McWilliams - “Distant Tables: Food and the Novel in Early America”
   Kristina Bross - “‘Come Over and Help Us’: Reading Mission Literature”
   David Thomson - “The Antinomian Crisis: Prelude to Puritan Missions”
   Craig White - “The Praying Indians’ Speeches as Texts of Massachusett Oral Culture”
   J. Patrick Cesarini - “The Ambivalent Uses of Roger Williams’s A Key Into the Language of America
   Gordon Sayre - Review Essay: “Native Signification and Communication”
   Hilary Wyss - Review Essay: “Missionaries in the Classroom: Bernardino de Sahagún, John Eliot, and the Teaching of Colonial Indigenous Texts from New Spain and New England”

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