Professor Songer

Donald Songer, PhD

University of South Carolina

Political Science Department

318 Gambrell Hall

Columbia SC 29208

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Recent Research







Montreal Conference Comparative Judicial Studies Johnson & Bowie           Do Bills of Right s matter?
Canadian Journal of Poli Sci (forthcoming) Siripurapu Unanimous Decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada as a Test of the Attitudinal Model

JPART 17:607 (2007)

Lindquist, Haire, Songer

Supreme Court Auditing of the United States Court of Appeals

Canadian Journal of Poli Sci 40:911 (2007)

Songer, Johnson

Judicial Decision Making in the Supreme Court of Canada

PRQ (Forthcoming)

Bowie, Songer

Assessing the Applicability of Strategic Theory to Explain Decision Making on the Courts of Appeals

Comparative Political Studies (Forthcoming)

Ostberg, Wetstein, Songer, Johnson

Ideological Consistency and Attitudinal Conflict: U.S. and Canadian Supreme Courts

SPSA 2008

Schorpp, Songer, Urribarri

What Rights in the Rights Revolution




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