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Research  - Geomorphology, Flood Hydrology, Water ResourcesQuaternary Science
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  Elsevier selected our recent special issue of Geomorphology, "Anthropogenic Sedimentation,"  for a free 50-day open access on ScienceDirect.  Click on the URL and you should be able to download any of the articles in the issuce for free:        https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/0169555X/294


Director, BioGeomorphology Research Laboratory

  Gully Stompers Research Team, Possum Trot, South Carolina

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COURSES TAUGHT by Allan James 

Geography 201 - Landform Geography

Geography 347 - Water as a Resource

Geography 547 - Fluvial Geomorpology

Geography 549 - Water and Watersheds

Geography 747 - Seminar in Physical Geography.  Topics Vary 
  Fall, 2013:  Lab, Field & Analytical Methods in Watershed Science (details to be announced) 

  Fall, 2007:   Lab & Field Methods in Geomorphology & Hydrology
  Fall, 2006:    The Human Role in Changing Fluvial Systems
  Past Topics:      Watershed and Floodplain Management
                           Modeling Flood Hydrology and Fluvial Geomorphology
                           Water and Sediment in Watersheds

Geography 748 - Geomorphology from Space



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