Geography 201

Landform Geography

This course surveys basic concepts and vocabulary of Earth science thrCosmogenicsough the study of physical geography.   Concepts include the character, natural history, and physical processes at the Earth's surface. Lectures introduce basic features and actions of hydrology, soil science, and landforms. An appreciation of environmental change is emphasized; particularly beginning with the Pleistocene Epoch (Ice Ages) and through the beginning of Recent geologic time. Several geographic tools, including topographic maps, aerial photographs, satellite imagery, soil analysis, rocks and minerals, microscopy, and field-sampling techniques are introduced in lectures and labs. General concepts of scientific methodology are introduced, including hypothesis formulation and testing and the method of multiple working hypotheses.    index.html

Course Mechanics   [pdfs Require Acrobat Reader.] 
  Course Description Fall 2017 (pdf)  
  Lecture Schedule   Fall 2
017 (pdf) 
  Grading Mechanics (see also Course Description pdf above)
  Lab Introduction   Fall 2017 (pdf)
  Lab Schedule         Fall
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  Lab materials         (html) 
  Learning Outcomes for Geography 201
  External Materials (not required) 
  Google Earth Users Guide  - A quick orientation to navigating on Google Earth;  go there and click on  'Getting Around '  to find pictures and instructions.

     Looking Glass Mtn., Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina; an exfoliation dome. These landforms are known locally as 'balds'. 

Grading. Letter grades will be assigned based on the following tentative thresholds.  Attainment of the following scores ensures the given grade, but lower point totals may be interpreted later to allow a higher letter grade based on ‘curving’; that is, based on an assessment of the performance of the entire group.

Point Distribution:               Points           % Grade
Laboratory                                125                 25
Lab Project                                 25                   5
Three pop quizzes in lecture       30                   6
Two Midterms                          200                 40
FinalExam                                120                 24
                           Total:            500                100

     Points              Letter Grade
 450 - 500                    A
 435 - <450                  B+
 400 - <435                  B
 385 - <400                  C+
 350 - <385                  C 
  335 - <350                 D+
  300 - <335                 D
           <300                 F

Labs: All labs meet in Room 202 Callcott Building
    Lab I:     T           2:50pm – 4:40pm                     Tyler            
    Lab II:   W           9:40am –  11:30am               Huixuan   
    Lab III:  W         12:00pm – 1:50pm                    Tyler    
    Lab IV:  W          3:55pm – 5:45pm                 Chen-Ling

Lab Instructor Office Hours and Contacts:
   Instructor                    Office          Office hours*                          eMail           
Tyler Dearman             Rm 107     
Wed. 2-4:00                 
Peter Tereszkiewicz    Rm 123      Wed. 4-5:00; Th 10-11:00 

  *If office hours for your instructor do not fit your schedule, you may meet with another instructor or make an appointment with your instructor for another time.


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