Patrick D. Nolan

Patrick D. Nolan

Recognized by President Harris Pastides for 30 years of service
to the University of South Carolina and the State of South Carolina.
Retired with 34 years 8 months service.

I. Personal Information

II. Education

Returning visit to Chapel Hill's Hamilton Hall where he taught 1983-1984.

World and U.S. Population Clock

III. Positions Held

IV. Courses Taught

Classical Social Scholars, World System Theory, Topics in Social Structures: Theories of Macrostructure, Scientific Methods and Sociological Inquiry, Topics in Social Structures: States and Revolutions in the Modern Era, Topics in Social Theory: Scientific Theories of Social Phenomena -- Problems and Prospects,Topics in Social Theory: Fascism.

Pictured with Sangmoon Kim (2004) and Sangyoub Park (2006) at their Doctoral Hoodings.
Commemorative Brick on The USC Horseshoe from Lou Nolan
Introduction to Macrosociology, Introductory Sociology, Social Structures, Society Through the Lens, Ecology of Human Social Systems, Advanced Social Structures, The Sociology of Science, Sociological Theory, Social Statistics, Research Methods, Social Problems, Formal Organization and Bureaucracy, Social Stratification, American Society.

Professor Nolan, an NDEA Title IV Fellow at Temple University, has been recognized several times by his students as "one who has made a difference." In addition, in November of 2002 he received the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Alpha Chapter of the Mortar Board (Honors College), and in May 2005 he received the student-nominated Two Thumbs Up Award from Disability Services.

V. Research Grants

VI. Publications

With wife Lou, guest coaching the University of South Carolina Football Team.

VII. Book Reviews

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