Rendered views of the cortex Introduction


Rendered views of the cortex are often the best way to identify cortical gyri and sucli. These are often difficult to spot in single 2D slice views. Both the Duvernoy atlas and the plastinated brain are great resources for recognizing these landmarks. My free MRIcro software can create high quality renderings from MRI scans (MRIcro extracts the brain using Steve Smith's BET). My central sulcus page also gives you hints for recognizing cortical landmarks.

Nickname:    Lateral Gyri   Nickname:   Lateral Sulci   Nickname:   Medial Landmarks
AnG   angular gyrus   cs   central sulcus (Rolandic)   ac   anterior commissure
    cerebellum   hr   horizontal ramus   cals   calcarine sulcus
FP   frontal pole   ifs   inferior frontal sulcus   cings   cingulate sulcus
IFG   inferior frontal gyrus   ios   inferior occipital sulcus   CingG   cingulate gyrus
IOG   inferior occipital gyrus   ips   intraparietal sulcus   ccb   corpus callosum (body)
ITG   inferior temporal gyrus   syl   lateral fissure (Sylvian)   ccg   corpus callosum (genu)
LOG   lateral occipital gyrus   los   lateral occipital sulcus   ccs   corpus callosum (splenium)
MFG   middle frontal gyrus   ls   lunate sulcus       cuneus
MTG   middle temporal gyrus   pof   parieto-occipital fissure       fornix
OG   orbital gyrus   pocs   postcentral sulcus   lingual   lingual gyrus
    pons   precs   precentral sulcus   mb   mamillary bodies
oper   pars opercularis (IFG)   sfs   superior frontal sulcus   PL   paracentral lobule
orb   pars orbitalis (IFG)   tos   transoccipital sulcus       precuneus
tri   pars triangularis (IFG)   vr   vertical ramus   q   quadrigeminal plate
poCG   postcentral gyrus                
preCG   precentral gyrus                
SFG   superior frontal gyrus                
SOG   superior occipital gyrus                
SPL   superior parietal lobe                
STG   superior temporal gyrus                
SmG   supramarginal gyrus                
TP   temporal pole                

Chris Rorden, 29 October 2002