Neuroanatomy Atlas Contents Introduction

Anatomical structures are identified on the following pages:

Here is a list of the regions illustrated in the atlas. The table also reports the abbreviation (nickname) used and suggests the appropriate page of the atlas to inspect. The relevant page is denoted by a link (S= sagittal renderings, C= coronal, A= axial, X= anterior commissure, M= central sulus, W= white matter).

Nickname    Name
AnG   angular gyrus S
ac   anterior commissure S, X
    basal ganglia = striatum+globus pallidus+substantia nigra+subthalamic nucleus
cals   calcarine sulcus S
cn   caudate nucleus C, A
cs   central sulcus (Rolandic) S, M
    cerebellum S
cings   cingulate sulcus S
CingG   cingulate gyrus S
    claustrum C
    corpus callosum S, W
ccb   corpus callosum (body) S
ccg   corpus callosum (genu) S
ccs   corpus callosum (splenium) S
    cuneus S
    external capsule W (anterior limb, genu, posterior limb)
    extreme capsule W
    fornix S
FP   frontal pole S
    globus pallidus C, A
    hippocampus C
hr   horizontal ramus S
    inferior colliculus = ventral portion of quadrigeminal plate
IFG   inferior frontal gyrus S
ifs   inferior frontal sulcus S
IOG   inferior occipital gyrus S
ios   inferior occipital sulcus S
ITG   inferior temporal gyrus S
if   interhemispheric fissure (longitudinal) M
    internal capsule W
ips   intraparietal sulcus S
    inusular lobe C
syl   lateral fissure (Sylvian) S
LOG   lateral occipital gyrus S
los   lateral occipital sulcus S
lingual   lingual gyrus S
ls   lunate sulcus S
mb   mamillary bodies S
MFG   middle frontal gyrus S
MTG   middle temporal gyrus S
    nucleus accumbens C
OG   orbital gyrus S
PL   paracentral lobule S
    parietal operculum C
pof   parieto-occipital fissure S
oper   pars opercularis (IFG) S
orb   pars orbitalis (IFG) S
tri   pars triangularis (IFG) S
    pons S
poCG   postcentral gyrus S, M
pocs   postcentral sulcus S, M
pc   posterior commissure X
preCG   precentral gyrus S, M
precs   precentral sulcus S, M
    precuneus S
    putamen C, A
q   quadrigeminal plate S, A
    striatum = nucleus accumbens+caudate nucleus+putamen
SFG   superior frontal gyrus S
sfs   superior frontal sulcus S
SOG   superior occipital gyrus S
SPL   superior parietal lobe S
STG   superior temporal gyrus S
SmG   supramarginal gyrus S
    superior colliculus = dorsal portion of quadrigeminal plate
    temporal operculum C
TP   temporal pole S
tos   transoccipital sulcus S
    vermis A
vr   vertical ramus S

Chris Rorden, 13 October 2002